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[Archived] Anyone want to join a brfcs.com fantasy premier league?

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Have you thought of doing the suns now it's free

Does current bun not still use bonus points for star man of the game. I have always found their choices of star man very very random. The Premier League website is terrible, crashes for the first few weeks while people log in to check there team for about the first 6 weeks. Then again we all try to log in at 9am at our desk with our morning cuppa. :P

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I didnt realise there were ones on other sites. Will stick to the one on the premier league site anyway id say, all the mates end up on that one every year.

Any one else want to go for it?

Maybe if one of the brave popular kids join the rest may follow :D

or unpopular as the case may be, we dont discriminate :tu:

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