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[Archived] Steve Kean: This is not about me

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Perhaps he'd start his "modelling" by putting some points on the board?

Seriously, every week this muppet is comparing himself to some other manager. I suspect it's because he is a hollow man, nothing earned in his own right, a fake. He needs to crawl back under whatever rock he emerged from and stop mucking about with the Rovers.

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Kean and Pardew both started at the same time. They both like 'to get out on the grass'.

Unfortunately, besides both getting high, there the similarities end. Newcastle are 4th and Rovers are rock bottom.

Kean does ask the very pertinent question 'Why can't we go down the same route as them?'

Well thats got me stumped, Steve, just why are we bottom and not 4th? For the life of me, I just can't think why! Couldn't be the manager, could it ?

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