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[Archived] The new agencyworkers regulation

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We have been "officially" d1cked :(

Got told on Dec 1st. New agency to take over from existing agencies (2 of them)

New agency will officially employ us, but everybody has to sign the "Swedish Derogation" waiving their claim to equal pay, terms & conditions.

Anybody who doesn`t sign will not be used anymore.

I`ve spoken to ACAS about it, & they say it`s legal what they`ve done.

There`s nothing we can do about it....apart from walking.

I`m probably gonna sign it (we have to by end of next week if we want a job) & just look for something else in the meantime.


The "Swedish Derogation" applies to equal pay only. All other terms & conditions still apply.

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After meetings with the new agency last week, around half the workers were offered a temporary on-going contract PROVIDED they sign the Swedish Derogation, waiving their claim to equal pay & any future claim (it actually says this!! :blink: )

The other half were given work up until christmas & then laid off

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