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SINCE 1996
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When I was at nursery school, (arpound 1971) the teacher brought me home and banned me for ever (which was effectively around six months) as I had killed the goldfish by feeding them plasticine.

Around the age of 6 I stole 50pence from my mums purse whilst she was asleep (She was a nurse on night shift at Blackburn Infirmary). I bought some toffees from the Spar in Euxton, and jumped on a bus to Preston. I said to the driver 4 please, as I thought all bus journeys were 4 pence, the price of my school bus journey (Euxton Primrose Hill). My dad worked in Preston, and the Transport Police picked me up on Preston bus station on somehow found out where he worked and they had him pick me up at the Police station.

At secondary school, where I first met 1864Roverite, I started a band, called Standard Deviation. I was lead guitarist and singer/songwriter. We wrote to ITV Saturday morning kids show Fun Factory and they asked us to audition. I also wrote to Granada Reports to get a meeting with Tony Wilson for an audition for Factory records, but despite getting a pleasant reply from Bob Greaves, he as much as said no chance. Cannot recall what happened to the Fun Factory thing.

When I was 13, I was arrested for TDA, but got let off with a caution. And I once won a free trip to Italy on a ski trip when I was a salesman for Wildings cameras in Chorley-top ten salesmen in the UK that year.

Around 1980, a mob of us at Parklands all started going to Ewood, getting a lift of one of our Dads.That is when I started going to Rovers. I remember my first trip, walking up the steps of the Blackburn End, and seeing the floodlight green grass on the astonishingly good looking pitch. Instantly addicted.

Low point of my life was in 2007, when my little brother died of cancer, aged 37 after six months of torture and tears. I also split from my wife then too.

Highlight so far was when my son and heir , George was born, whose birthday it is today!

I run a company called Incredibid Ltd, an online retailer of musical instruments, Link Here.

I do a twitter, my name there is Incredibid_Man, Link Here

I do Facebook too, Link Here.

And finally, on my Facebook there are 16 0odd Rovers photos you can share-Link Here.

BRFCS Photo Gallery from Koln-HERE.

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