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[Archived] HELP!

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As the title says i`m in a bit of a pickle,or should i say my son is.For some inexplicable reason he decided to change his user password and now can`t remember it.So does anybody know how to get around this problem? I`ve tried looking in Bios and can`t change it there.Thanks in advance if somebody can help! :tu:

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Is it windows? And do you not have the Administrator password?

if not....

If so, I always use "Offline Windows Pawword & Registry Editor" from HERE

About two thirds of the way down there is a link to download CD or USB image. Personally I use CD, simply burn and boot the PC using that CD.

It goes through a linux based system which is text based but you can pretty much press enter all all questions to go with the default options. Eventually it will get to a part which show what users are on the system. choose your sons account and then when it says "enter new password", don't bother as it never works, just enter * to set a blank password.

reboot, Windows will perform a disk check as it knows something has changed. now log on to the account with no password.

It is simple but the linux screens can look a litle daunting.

I wonder if other people have other options.

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