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  1. Not quite, Southport and Ellesmere Port. Definitely beats Bacup though! ?
  2. After some 4 years in the wilderness, I'm back on here! ?
  3. Hi mate. I see you have recently changed your name. Are you now living in Sandiway near Northwich?


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    2. Claytons Left Boot

      Claytons Left Boot

      Good stuff. We moved to Northwich in 2015. If you ever fancy a pint once these Corvid shenanigans are over, just send me a pm on here. Would be good to speak to a fellow Rover. There are one or two down here but you’ll have noticed that it’s all Liverpool and the two Manchester clubs!


    3. Sandiway Blue

      Sandiway Blue

      Cool, whereabouts in Northwich are you?

    4. Claytons Left Boot

      Claytons Left Boot

      Winnington, top side of the town, quite near  Weaver Vale Garden Centre if you know where that is.

  4. Happy days when I think back to that season, despite the away game at Port Vale on a Tuesday night when I thought we had completely ballsed it up and had resigned myself to the fact that Rovers weren't going to go up. Happy to be proved wrong and even if wasnt the best game of footy I'd seen, it was certainly one of the most memorable!
  5. Sorry it's a bit late Husky,not been on for a while. Rebellion held their 40th anniversary gig this year hence why it was sold out. Hope that you got to go as it really was brilliant with some great bands. £135 for 4 days and over 350 bands is fantastic value for money and worth every penny. I go every year and it never fails to be anything other than amazing. If you are just visiting Lancs let me know when you are next up and i'll give you the heads up on what gigs are coming up and what bands are worth watching. This Saturday i'm in Uttoxeter, £10 for 7 bands all tickets sold out. No surpris
  6. Thanks for that, i'll have a good look at them.
  7. Ferocious Dogs are brilliant, looking forward to seeing them again at some point this year. Saw them a bit since in dingleville at the mechanics. Excellent night! I would really object to paying good money to see them TBH. Saw them 2 years ago at Rebellion and they were horrendous. Set full of 8 minute long boring dirges of ol' Johnny ranting. The Empress ballroom was full at the start of their set, by the end it was barely a 1/4 full.
  8. Just as an aside Doug, the Butlins do at Skegness is really worth going to, the security is nowhere near as severe as other venues and you can get right close up to the stage! Last year my girlfriend was that close she was stroking Captain Sensible's leg.....much to his delight.....
  9. I didn't get to the Apollo gig Doug. I've been watching a lot of smaller gigs these days, at differing venues too. I've really got into Dirt box Disco these last few years along with quite a few other bands off the STP label. Just to give an idea of their rising popularity I went to Rebellion last year where they had the likes of The Damned, The Adicts, Boomtown Rats Etc. The only band of the 4 days to fill the Empress Ballroom (Blackpool Winter Gardens) to capacity? Dirt box! Cracking band with a great set of lads as well. Highly recommend going to see them.
  10. Definitely going North West calling Doug (not been on here for nearly a year now due to personal circumstances so sorry for the late reply). Gigs for me: The Damned at Northampton and The Royal Albert Hall in London next week,Nice 'n' Sleazy in Morecambe the week after and then of course the afore mentioned NWC. Rebellion at Blackpool in August then Great British alternative festival in Skeggy featuring 'From the Jam' and The Stranglers as well as The Blockheads! Quite a busy year with loads of other smaller gigs thrown in.
  11. A MESSAGE FROM THE QUEEN To the citizens of the United States of America from Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II In light of your failure in recent years to nominate competent candidates for President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective immediately. (You should look up 'revocation' in the Oxford English Dictionary.) Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will resume monarchical duties over all states, commonwealths, and territories (except North Dakota, which she does not fancy). Your new Prime Minister,
  12. The longest ride - surprisingly a decent well made film.I wouldn't have chosen to watch it but had to through work.I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as i did and would thoroughly recommend it.Would make a good 'date movie'. 7/10
  13. Whilst we're at it Florence and the Machine headlining? 30 years ago she wouldn't have got a gig in a pub as she can't sing! Awful voice..
  14. What happened to your dignity Mike? Have you no shame?
  15. I saw MUSE a few years ago and they really do put on a show! Well worth watching imo,however the best live band to see at the moment is The Foo Fighters.I saw them last night and they really were fantastic.Over 3 hours of a good mix of oldies and new tracks with a couple of covers thrown in for good measure.Grohl even got a young lad up on stage to sing along with them.Amazing stuff!
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