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[Archived] Guardian Newspaper half season review


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A farcical, tragi-comedy that should have the theme tune of The Benny Hill Show playing in the background. Nothing surprises any more about a club that have undergone a character assassination, from being a model of calm respectability under the guidance of John Williams to a dysfunctional shambles that epitomises Venky's. Contrary to popular belief, the supporters have been magnificent but the daily rumour mill has taken its toll and the majority have never felt as disillusioned and distanced from the club. The authorities have driven a divide between supporters through mixed messages and spin, and the club are in danger of imploding and losing a generation of fans.

Star man Samba is still dancing and the Yak has had a good appetite.

The flops Radosav Petrovic resembles a deer in headlights every time he plays.

The gaffer:Steve Kean 1/10 The greatest spin doctor since Alastair Campbell. If Kean were captain of the Titanic he would tell the passengers it had hit ice to help keep the drinks chilled. The only positive is we score more goals but if we can't keep the ball it counts for nothing.

Who should he sign? An experienced chairman or chief executive who could command the respect and trust of the fans is priority.

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