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SINCE 1996
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Marvin Sordell


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£5m? In a position that's not the main priority? With that poor a scoring record? No thanks.

That's not a judgement on what kind of a player he'll become; having never seen him play I have no idea. But it's not what we need now.

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THE 2010-11 season is one striker Marvin Sordell is unlikely to ever forget.

Regardless of what the future holds for the England Under-20 international, to spring from a 2009-10 debutant to a scorer of 15 goals in 2010-11 was quite some feat for a young forward.

From Watford's official site.

Apart from that, I know bog all about him. Not another Slew?

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Saw him play early in the season, I thought he was terrible that game, poor touch, poor in the air, not enough pace & woeful finishing.

If he was to cost us £5m, it would prove that we are being run by agents & people lining their pockets. He's a £1m player at best, and that is being generous.

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