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[Archived] Rovers - A Visual Timeline

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So there's obviously been a lot of bad bad things happen to the club over the past year with owners who seem to have no respect or even knowledge of the proud history of Blackburn Rovers and what it means to the people who support it. Personally I'm tired of reading about it. And so I need your help.

I will be creating a visual timeline dedicated to the history of Rovers and I'm not old enough to know all of the stories. I don't want it to just be the bits that everyone knows about (founding the league, cup wins, premier league wins, relegation, promotion, etc.). Those bits WILL be in the timeline, of course, but I want this thing to highlight the more subtle things about the club and the personal stories that show how it means more to us than just being a team of footballers (certain memorable news events, or stands being built, or community programs being put into place). There should also be memorable footballing moments, such as bentley's hattrick against united, reid's thunderbolt against wigan, or the preseason victory over barcelona.

Basically your favorite memories of blackburn rovers, young or old.

If you could format them in this way, it would help a lot, too:

Feb 3, 1921

[TITLE] Blackburn Rovers Flew to the Moon

[blurb about incident] It's a common misconception that Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, but it was actually in the early part of 1921 that the Rovers squad took a morale-lifting trip to the moon. We went on to go on a 12 game unbeaten streak after the trip.

With that in mind, let's make sure the incidents are all TRUE, otherwise we'll just look silly. Let's get the big important ones out of the way first.

Anyway, I think this will be really really nice and I'll be sure that it looks good (that's my job). But more importantly, I think the practice of reliving the best memories of our club and diving into our proud history will be a nice change from all the negativity and may lift a few spirits!

Thanks in advance for any help!

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