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[Archived] The Views of Ex-players

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Woke up this morning, the sun's shining and Micky Gray says we're staying up. Well everything's OK then, isn't it? A while ago someone put a list of ex-player /SEM clients somewhere on this forum. Please could you post it again on here so that we can play SEM/Kentaro bingo in the run in to the end of the season, ticking off all those who choose to come out and insult our intelligence whilst sticking a nice wad of cash in the back pocket? Well we have to find some way of entertaining ourselves in glum times, eh?

BTW interesting that Simon Garner said he didn't even read let alone write his column. Wonder if Micky Grey even knows about today's article in the smellygraph?

BTW mark 2: this isn't Bob's thread, it's Ewooddawn's. he's forgotten to log out and I've not checked - again! Sorry, Mr F.

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