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[Archived] Tex Murphy Returns!

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Just a quick message for anyone who was or is a fan of the Tex Murphy series.

After 14 long years away, the developers Aaron Connors and Chris Jones (who played Tex Murphy) are back to try and resurrect the series! But they need the help of the fans via Kickstarter (a website where effectively you buy the game/perks before it is made, thus giving the designers the capital to make the game in the first place)

Tex Murphy Kickstarter

For anyone who doesn't know anything about the series,

"The games in the Tex Murphy series take place in a post-apocalyptic 21st century. All of the games take place mostly in a post-WWIII San Francisco. The skies glow red with radiation, and people who don't live in a better-sheltered city or lack genetic immunity to the radiation are disfigured and usually repulsive. Several San Francisco landmarks are still present, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower and Alcatraz, but most of them are completely abandoned; most damaged beyond repair from bombs in WWIII. The futuristic aspect borrows heavily from sci-fi books and films, most notably Blade Runner for its flying cars and impossibly dense tenements." - Wikipedia

The games are really worth a try, particularly if you have a love of murder mystery or crime films/TV. All the games are available at GoodOldGames.com GOG.com and to say the games are nearly 20 years old, they stand up really well against the modern titles.

There are 5 Tex Murphy games in total (Games 1 and 2 are from the early 80s so look rather primative now) so your best starting at number 3, Under A Killing Moon, then moving onto The Pandora Directive and finally Overseer.

Under A Killing Moon - Game

I really do envy those who haven't played the games before, particularly the second game 'The Pandora Directive' which is in my all time top 10 video games (along with Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time, Uncharted 2, Goldeneye etc)

I'm sure some others on the site have played or are fans of the game, if so lets all get behind the new game!

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Can't believe no one has replied to this. I used to love the genre and kind of got into the Tex Murphy games but never fell in love with them. Be interested to see where this goes.

Yeah me too. I fell in love with them whilst I was growing up, many a happy hour strolling up and down Chandler Ave looking for clues!

Has nobody else played the games?

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