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SINCE 1996
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hi folks...

giant axe

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ok here goes.....my daughter found this site via a link over the sam sueing kean video thats on youtube or wherever.

i am 49 soon.....been a roverite (old word i know :D) , since the 1975 centenary/3rd division champs season.

i used to go to loads of games , home and away, and was a member of the Accie Branch . (living in lancaster there was no

supp club, so i joined the accie, and used to park my bike at tickled trout to catch the coach.)

oh yeah...my name on here GIANT AXE is a refferral to LANCASTER CITY'S ground. i've always watched them from a young age, on and off.

i am a member of the official forum, but hardly post...in fact i find it a bit too strict, and agreement seems to be

the order of the day....conform or die. hopefully this site will be different, because i certainly do not wear blinkers

where rovers are concerned....if i think a player is crap i'll say so...

ok, thats probably enough

see you all sometime soon,


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