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[Archived] A question about ICE

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ICE = In Car Entertainment.

Being an old fogey, and a bit of a technophobe, I need a little bit of help here.

I have music on cassette tapes that I like, I also have music on CD's that I like. Last car had a CD/radio (with mp3 connection) current car is a bit older in technology and has a radio/cassette.

I could get a cd player for the car, but would lose out on the cassettes. I could get a cd autochanger for the boot, but the cost is astronomical.

Is it still possible to buy a cd/cassette/radio? If so does anyone know where would be the best place to look? I would prefer a single DIN version as double DIN would mean butchering the wooden facia of the car. I know they used to do them some years ago.

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