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[Archived] Rebellion - The Inside Story Of Football's Protest Movement

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Has anyone read this book?

I'm about 3/4 of the way through it, must admit its a very interesting read given our current circumstances.

It's not your typical Brimson book, most of it is first hand experiences from fans of Brigton, Charlton, Wimbledon etc etc, teams who have been through turmoil due to rogue owners. Either through my age, or blind ignorance at the time, I had no idea what supporters of some of these teams have been through in the past.

I only paid about £2 for it too, came across it purely by chance in a book shop in Scarborough!

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One of the great joys of football fandom is that it provides the perfect opportunity to complain and make a point. For example, the referee was biased, the overpaid strikers hopeless, attendance poor, the tea weak and the pies inedible. That, for many fans, is a part of the attraction which football holds for them. Yet every so often, a situation will arise at a club where passive complaint is simply not enough - occasions where big business or individual greed set out to exploit those who walk through the turnstiles, where freedoms are curtailed or where incompetent management is ruining a proud legacy. Against these indignations, there comes a point when it is action and not words that are required. "Rebellion" is about those situations. Using anecdotes and interviews with the people at the heart of the movements, as well as ordinary fans, it examines many of the well-known protests and looks at how and why certain groups of fans succeeded in their particular battle. Just as importantly, it also looks at why other campaigns failed and how, all too often, those protests simply degenerated into ugly violence, hooliganism and intimidation. From the stratosphere of the Premiership to the lowest reaches of the national league, the author examines the greatest outcries of British football and investigates the tense, and at times, violent atmosphere behind each one: a gripping expose of organised dissent and disorganised ruckus.

Just ordered it based on that description on Amazon. Sounds quality. Will be having a read of that before the season starts. Rovers protests were reported poorly a lot of the time last year but in truth they were some of the most impressive I can recall seeing in football. It is easy to point a camera in the face of an angry person and make up your own story but in the main the protests and protesters were excellent. If those in positions of power at Rovers are just planning on more of the same but worse next season I think that it is vital that the protesters (ie everybody) continues with more of the same but even better.

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Some of the clubs involved in the book are a lot smaller than us, and managed to get a result in the end with their protests. There's also a lot of new ideas in there should protests continue into next season....

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