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[Archived] Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

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Is the note available in some countries already? I know it's not in the UK as yet.

My question would be for the note 10.1, do you REALLY need the stylus? If not, why not look at the standard tab 10.1? It is undoubtedly cheaper than the note will be.

OK, just read a review and the hardware specs of the Note are pretty impressive. Display is nowhere near as good as the ipad3.

Just found the UK price on Samsungs website. So it's £399 for the 16gb Wifi only version which is the exect same price as the equivalent ipad. Personally I would go for the ipad unless you really only like Android, or you already have other Android devices and have bought apps (as you can install them again for free on other devices)

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ive had Asus products, still have them in my pc as well. They are good, and the transformers are very good indeed. I would never bother myself with an ipad, as im an android guy.

I'd happily buy an iPad if they were priced properly, but I hate overpaying for things. Same reason I'll never own any Apple product to honest.

I had an extended play on the Google Nexus recently. Seemed like a cracking piece of kit.

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