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[Archived] The Lancashire B League

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One of the boasts that we Rovers fans could make in recent years was that our club was the pride of Lancashire in terms of success on the pitch.

For the first time in many years this season all 4 of the Lancashire B teams were competing in the same division.

The results between each of the teams show that we no longer can claim to be the "top dog" in our area.

Bolton P6 W4 D2 L0 Pts 14

Blackpool P6 W2 D3 L1 Pts 9

Burnley P6 W2 D2 L2 Pts 8

Blackburn P6 W0 D3 L3 Pts 3

This graphically illustrates how far we have fallen this season. It leads me to ask the question who among our squad would get into a Lancashire United side which has been mentioned in the past?

Jordan Rhodes almost certainly; probably Grant Hanley but is there anyone else?

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