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[Archived] Championship 13/14

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So couldn't see a thread for this but thought it'd be good to have a thread about how people think the Championship will pan out next season and how various teams will do.

I realize there is a lot of transfers and summer left to go, which will massively change things, but since clubs are starting to buy players I thought it'd be good to start it.

Two clubs that I've noticed the transfer activity for are Reading and Huddersfield.

Huddersfield seem to be signing every average forward that they can: they've just added ex-dingle Patterson to Stead and Hammil. Whilst I agree trying to replace Rhodes with several players is the right way forward both Stead and Patterson have pretty mediocre scoring records at best. Think Patterson got 8 in 39 last season - neither would be classed as "good" championship players. Signing players of this caliber I think they're going to struggle.

Reading on the other hand already have a good (for the Championship) squad - depending on who goes, and have brought in Drenthe from Real Madrid and now a youngish midfielder from Hoffenheim. Seems like they are determined to bring in quality, and if they keep the squad together along with Atkins as boss and signings like this they'll be a good shout for promotion.

Would be interested in others' thoughts on how they see the Championship panning out.

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