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[Archived] Dell Computer Keyboard Failure

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I'm only writing this because I thought my computer was well out of it. I had the same problem as described in this forum:

My problem is that a couple of days ago I was playing my computer when it suddenly froze. I shut down the computer and turned it on again. Now when it is booting it stops for a while on the first Dell screen. After 20 seconds it moves on but writes: "Keyboard Failure".
The result of this is that i can neither use my keyboard nor my mouse which indicates that i am rather stuck!!!
I can't press the f1, f2 og f12 bottons.
I have tried to use the other USB-entries.
Both the keyboard and the mouse works perfectly on my laptop.

This actually got it solved:

  • Power off PC
  • Unplug the power cord from the back of the PC
  • Press and hold the "power on" button for 20-30 seconds (this drains the remainder of power from the system)
  • Plug the power cord back into the PC
  • Power on PC and check for keyboard and mouse availability.


The emboldened part is what really helped, "press and hold the "power on" button for 20-30 seconds. Well, the computer started up again. One good thing has happened.

I would never have known something like draining that remaining power would have worked.

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It's funny how peoples perceptions and incidents with manufacturers differ.

I've had Dell PC's and laptops for ages now (probably on my fourth or fifth desktop and the third/fourth laptop) and every one bar my wife's last laptop has performed.

When we did have a problem with her laptop, Dell's rep was there the next day half fixed it, but was back the next day and it worked til the day my Mrs cracked the screen. It's sitting in one of the rooms upstairs, waiting, waiting.....

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