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[Archived] Mind the dust

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In preparation for the changes we're making next season and because of some big changes in the backroom team, you may see some significant temporary (and not so temporary) changes in how the site is laid out and what you can and can't see.

I'm pinning this here, because the main football section shouldn't be one that vanishes or moves.

  • If you currently consider yourself part of the backroom team and you find you've lost access to something you feel you should have, drop me a PM. 
  • If you've been banned and feel it's unfair or unintentional (I've found a boatload of banned account with no attached reasons, so I can only assume it's in error), then drop me or Ste a PM.
  • If you've been banned and you feel there was a reason that could be valid, then we're not likely to do much about it. Sorry.
  • If you've got any suggestions on what you'd like to see change and more importantly how you feel you can help bring about that change, drop me a PM.
  • If you WANT to be a mod, we're good thanks. The people who want to are probably the last ones who should be. 
  • If you want to see what we have planned. You'll have to wait for the start of next season.


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Yes, it's all a lot simpler now.

2 Forums.

Not Football

That's it.

All the tech stuff has been merged into Not Football.

Ask Admin can now be done via PMs (or email admin@brfcs.com)

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The staff and former staff page has been updated.

However there are literally hundreds of people who have given their time and effort to make the site what it is over the years, so if people can remind me of those I've missed (and there will be loads, I have a dreadful memory), that'd be great.

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I've reviewed anyone banned who has made more than 20 posts. There are far fewer than you'd expect (or I'd been lead to believe), but there are definitely some accidental bans in there,

If you still feels yours needs reviewing, then let me know (oh and the number of people who can ban is now very very small).

Now to go and chase down all those people who claim to be banned and plainly aren't,

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The rebuilding of BRFCS has always been more than just the digital equivalent of fixing a few broken windows and sweeping up around the place. There was always a long term plan, however, learning from our previous mistakes, steady cautious progress was always the idea, rather than rushing headlong into everything. Because of this, there has been no attempt to restore the news/journalism part of the site and instead the focus has been on the forum. ....... Until now.

The good news is, not only are we going to start actually posting content again, but I am very very pleased to announce that Kamy has rejoined the backroom team to spearhead the effort! You have no idea how happy this makes me!

For now, we'll be using the forum itself for the content, but there is a big summer software update scheduled that should enable us to return to our more traditional "front page" news (as well as some other great features to help us provide better services to the Rovers community). 

Tied into this, we'll be relaunching our "Blogs" service, so if anyone fancies keeping a Rovers related diary (or similar) next season and have the advantage of getting it promoted on a Rovers site that is still getting 5000+ unique visitors a week, then just let us know.

In other news, J*B is working hard at doing an audio (possibly even video) based season review, in a similar format to the old podcasts we used to do. If it's a success, it may even be a pre-cursor to bringing back the podcasts as a regular feature. J*B actually helped out with a lot of the original podcasts and already has a great list of guest pundits lined up.

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oh and you can now change your vote in a poll, which should allow @blueboy3333 and a couple of others to re-add the lost votes.

In other news, @Biddy and I have had some success at getting the 92 Club (the old "what grounds have I been to" tracker working again.

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