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Le Saux?s Message to hero Garner


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Former Rovers star Graeme le Saux reckons the aura of Simon Garner will never leave Ewood Park! “No matter where players came from to join the club, the name of Simon Garner was always synonymous with all that the club stood for,” said the ex-England defender.

Le Saux is unable to play in Garner’s testimonial fixture because of a prior commitment. “It’s a real shame I can’t come, but I’d already accepted an invitation to speak at the testimonial for Alec Stewart, the England cricketer. “But Sunday is all about Simon, and an opportunity to honour one of the club’s great heroes. When I arrived at Ewood Park, there was an incredible sense of history around the place and there was always a great deal of pride in the roots of the club. And in many ways Simon personified that. In fact, you could hardly escape his legacy!”

Le Saux remembers his time at Blackburn with great fondness. “Blackburn meant so much to me and to all the players who shared in an incredible adventure – it was a wonderful part of my personal history. And though it took a while to rebuild, I am delighted that Blackburn are now doing so well again. To reach Europe on consecutive seasons is an achievement in anybody’s book, and I hope they go all the way.”

Le Saux, though, saved his last words for the hero of the hour. “I hope that Blackburn supporters young and old will support this event and make it one for Simon, the fans and all the players to remember.”

Source: Media Release from The Simon Garner Testimonial Committee 13.05.03

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