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Blackburn defender Amoruso played his second game in a week tonight, when the reserves met Middlesbrough at Christie Park, Morecambe.

Amoruso was joined in the team by Steven Reid who made his first appearance since being injured in December.

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In tonights game Rovers lost 2-1 to Boro.

Rovers goal was scored by Reid however his joy of scoring was soured when later he pulled up with a suspected reoccurrance of his hamstring injury.

As soon as his pulled up he held the back of his thigh and walked to the bench.

Boro were also hit by an injury. When one of their player was carried off with a suspected broken leg.

Boro took the lead within the first 5 minutes, before Reid equalisted however Ricketts scored later to give Boro the points.

This was not a game for the spectators ( approximatly 200) with first team player Yorke getting the most critism from the crowd for lack of interest.

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Incidently the Boro player who broke his leg is 18 year old Andrew Davies, who has made a few first team appearences this season as a full back. He broke his fibia and tibia in the 15th minute following a challenge by Steven Reid. Davies will be out until Christmas, I'm sure eveyone wishes him a speedy recovery.
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match comments by roversmum

Enckleman - seemed a bit out of sorts.  His kicks from back-passes were all over the place.  Wasn't troubled much really.

Fitzgerald - good game, this lad is one for the future.

Gresko - played as left back.  Several shots, one saved, one woodwork and one a foot or so wide.  His crosses are excellent, completion on all but a couple.  Work rate good.  If we want a left winger, can't see why he shouldn't do the job.

Man of Match in my opinion.

Donnelly - worked hard but have seen him do better.

Amoruso - enthusiastic but not quite match fit yet.  Did ok.

Johansson - not his best match.

Watt - does better on left imo but passable on right wing and didn't give Stewart Downing many chances.

Gary Harkins - another who did well and made a nuisance of himself.

Jemal Johnson - worked hard, was accompanied by at least two Boro players every time he got near the ball.  Brought down in the area and should have had a penalty.  His size was a disadvantage against their much bigger defenders although he did manage to slip past them once or twice.

Reid - showed his class immediately with a shot that hit the bar and scoring soon after.  I think the tackle was mis-timed due to his lack of match fitness; the resulting fracture of Andrew Davies' leg was unfortunate.  Worrying about his injury.

Nelson (sub for Reid)- didn't notice him particularly but got stuck in with the rest.

Dwight Yorke - not really interested except to showboat.  Had little intention of doing any work.  Made the odd half-hearted run.  Would have been amusing if imo it hadn't lost us the game.  

The ball rarely got anywhere near the boro goal and when it did there weren't enough Rovers bodies to make use of it as each player was immediately covered by two of theirs.  

A fair bit of the game seemed to be spent on Boro corners.  Of their players, the outstanding one for me was Jonathan Greening - his pace is amazing.  Looked out for Stewart Downing who managed to make a couple of fast runs but generally was kept fairly quiet.  Not sure about their last goal, could it have been offside?  Thought Rovers deserved at least a point.

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