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  1. Using FIFA as a guide to how ex players are perceived.
  2. You win some you lose some; I wonder what the Hertha Berlin boards are saying about Samba?
  3. It depends who you believe. Unfortunately the net wasn't in full swing back then so you heard something in the pub and then chinese whispers came into play. Sherwood says not, but then he would. Either way, it was Kidd who sold him.
  4. He missed a monumental portion of that season with injury. In fact, I bet we'd have stayed up had he have been leading the line for the majority of the season as opposed to Ashley Ward, Nathan Blake and Kevin Davies. However, I still believe selling Sherwood was the main contributing factor to our eventual relegation.
  5. Hope everything is OK; One of my favourite all time Rovers.
  6. Mods, which button do I click to report another member having freaky dreams of me?
  7. I bet he does, he'll be having a whale of a time kicking Aussies up the arse every Saturday.
  8. I reckon we've got closer to £1.5m for him now, so I think we could have got not far off ten times more. He had just scored 24 goals, which is mightily impressive, and he wasn't to dissimilar to the age they signed Drogba at, and he cost £24m?
  9. Still to think we could have got close to ten times what we have received two years ago is a little depressing.
  10. No, I'm thankful that you're consistently the boards' sitting duck.
  11. You must be hurt Benni didn't text you first.
  12. Or when Ince was the most disastrous and incompetent manager since Kiddo.
  13. The whole thing is pathetic. Does McCarthy really think he is control of the situation? If we fail to agree a fee with West Ham, what odds a week later he's in the press apologising? He's got one last chance to play in a World Cup, one which so happens to be in his home country. If he refuses to play for five months prior to it he's an absolute moron.
  14. It's when a club writes to another club offering money for one of their players.
  15. McCarthy underachieved under Hughes after the first season. MGP the same after perhaps a calendar year at his 'best.' Dunn has underachieved for everyone since Souness. Hoilett has proved nothing. Your argument is made poorer by the history Allardyce has for getting the best our of players who have lost their 'desire.' Maybe we were just full of bad eggs, but they were Hughes' bad eggs? That's how it looks to me. Either way, how you can lay blame on Allardyce for the fact that a fat waster who has done sod all in three years for three different managers is beyond me.
  16. I love it. You've just crossed the boundary into completely irrational over everything involving Allardyce. Now we can get some real ridiculous stuff thrown around Abs, now let's be 'avin you!!
  17. Wouldn't it be ironic if West Ham decided they'd prefer Beattie over McCarthy?
  18. I can confidently say that if Benni McCarthy is sold, it will not come back to haunt us. He is fat and completely out of sorts.
  19. Sorry I thought you suggested the midfield had played so well Dunn shouldn't be back in the team.
  20. Could really mix it up and play Dunn in midfield?
  21. At least we have established you haven't read a vast majority of what I've posted in the Allardyce thread. I haven't blindly defended him once. I thought most criticism was unfair up until around three weeks ago, at which point I started to let it be known that I felt he wasn't performing as he should be. However, I have always wanted him to succeed, and I hope victory today provides the catalyst for him to do so. There is such a thing as blindly criticising you know Tris? Allardyce went into todays game under massive pressure, and rightly so, but he's come up trumps with a good victory and a team selection I think most would have liked to see. The need to sack a manager is never a good thing for the club, so I hope todays result see's him given cash and hopefully build on the victory and see us head into the top half in the not too distant future. If we go on a run anywhere near as bad as the one we've just had then he should go. I hope it's the first one tris, as I really hope he succeeds. Do you?
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