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  1. hell fire, what a shock this is! for thos that aren't old enough to remember thommo, he was a good striker for rovers back in the early 80's. he was not prolific but just a good striker/player. RIP thommo
  2. just to put everything and everybody, back into perspective....buy your tickets now for the WCC in february, cause australia's team are rising from the ashes and fingers crossed, will be making another trip to england next feb....."YOUR MIGHTY MELBOURNE STORM, ARE BACK.....LOOK OUT"!!!!
  3. sometimes, things can take a while to sink in, this is one of those times. i found out shortly after i awoke from my sleep and now at work, 9hrs later....it is just starting to hit home. a huge sense of sadness has engulfed me, with my eyes filling with tears. i first met paul, on an away trip to stoke, i think back in the mid 80's. a very very genuine fella and a truely good friend for infinity. 9 years ago i needed a job, with only 150 quid to my name. i applied at pa travel, glenfield park. paul gave me a start in the tourism/hospitality industry and even though pa travel was the victim of some unscrupulous dealings by a few that will go 'unmentioned'.....i look back at my time there, with a smile and with grattitude to a man and a genuine friend. nobody can over estimate just how kind paul was. i have had my fare share of troubles, in the years that i have known paul and without any prompting from me, he stepped in and offered help, in any way he could. i too have experianced some of rovers away trips into europe with paul, mainly because i worked for him and probably booked some of you on these trips. sofia was my favourite. talk about hilarity from the second the journey started. his passion for his football team, was and always will be unwavering. there are probably other people that have travelled just as far to watch their team, but there really is only one paul astley. thankyou paul for everything that you ever did for me, and thankyou for believing in me 9 years ago. bye bye mate
  4. hi eddie....i don't understand what exactly you are referring to within the league, when you say "contracts" for the players. i have got terribly slow internet for the last few days and have been unable to do anything further with my team, since sunday....can you explain please. :)

  5. hi eddie...i am having massive problems trying to do anything with the draft today. everytime i try go into the website to start drafting.....the page just seems frozen. just letting you know.

  6. Hi Sean, you married yet?

  7. this news is definately not the way that i wanted to start my day. like so many others on this messageboard, i had the honour of meeting "mr clayton" and what a humble and genuine person he is. not forgetting that wee matter of being so passionate about the club that we all love. R.I.P Mr Clayton
  8. ok, i need help obtaining the following movie "11 commandments"...is a french movie, similar to jackass, but i happen to think it is even funnier. maybe one of our france based fans can be of assistance and check it out for me over there. much appreciated.
  9. absolutely we should have sold him, the (Please don't use that word again)ing little runt. i dont get those who say that we should have kept him. on that day against colchester ( i think) he was team captain at the time....refused to play in a game because he wanted a move back north of the border so he could have it easy (but i think it was the missus who wanted to go)...... (Please don't use that word again)ing right.
  10. hells bells!! very few people did not like sir bobby, and that is a sign of the respect that people have for him in and away from football. proud of his roots, proud of his club, proud of his country....a proud englishman!! R.I.P. SIR BOBBY.
  11. two songs that i am really into at the moment are "we gotta get out of this place" by the angels aussie band and also another oldie in "word of mouth" from mike and the mechanics. awesome songs
  12. completely agree mate. i end up screaming at the tv, whenever benni gets flagged for offside, because most of the time, it is not by a couple of inches etc etc but more so a few yards, which from any player that is looking straight down the line, is unforgivable. and i also wish taht he would just quit with all the drag backs that he tries and flicks and genreally the fancy @#/?, because he aint inform and we would rather he work harder to get his form back than trying all that crap.
  13. just got home from watch AVP 2 on it's release day here in australia. i am somewhat dissapointed by this effort. like the aliens films, the 2 of this franchise so far has had different directors and i much more enjoyed the first one by paul w.s. anderson. i also thought that while the concept for the 2nd part was fine, the script was not upto very much at all. i would not be surprised if this effort didn't do so well at the box office.
  14. having just returned home from work, i am struggling to get my head around this responce, but i'll think of one before my day is out some times jan, your posts are that of a 12 year old!! however, i do slightly agree with you on some of the points that you make, but if you are going to be continuously critical of our players, then you simple have to also be critical of the coaching staff, because it is they whom take these players for training everyday. point 1 - he does track back, which is the job of all left midfielders, and everybody else for that matter so fair play. point 2 - he is excellent at timing runs into the box and the fact that he isn't always productive is quite harsh because he is at the very least making an effort to get in there and if he aint getting on the end of a cross, he is making a contest between him and his opponent and giving the defence an extra body to worry about. it is like saying to a striker "every time you shoot we want you to be more productive"....we all would like them to be more productive, but it aint gonna happen, so at least they are having a go....you ask any manager and they will tell you, that they would much rather their players shoot and miss, than not shoot at all. point 3 although i do agree that the miss against chelsea was crucial, i reckon you are being totally harsh, to use 1 certain game to try and get your point across, but then again that is part of your M.O. the rest of your post is just plain bitchy. the biggest thing i notice with morten is that he is a confidence player and when his confidence is up, he is brilliant to watch. one last thing...."like anybody's boss at work telling them that they are crap at what they do, then not telling them how to make it better"....in a nutshell, don't spout off if you have no idea how to fix it!! have a nice day
  15. i watched transformers the other week and i really enjoyed it. admittedly it aint everybodys cup of tea but i liked it. i am looking forward to new releases at the cinema coming out over the festive period, should be good.
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