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  1. me either. shitter beer, shitter pies, shitter concorse, shitter football!
  2. Apparently there was some technical hitch, that meant the concourse nor the blues (where people have paid for a s/t to watch game in there) the game didn't work.
  3. I've seen Elton John four times now (bit of a soft spot away from my usual rock/metal stuff - mum's fault!) and this was my fave concert. I don't know if I am biased cos it was Ewood, but certainly a cool night all around. Was in the Blues beforehand watching England - managed to secure my usual pre-match table very different crowd tho, but in a way was nice to be there without the threat of impending doom of the game to come. Thought Rovers organised it really good.
  4. Shaping up to be an interesting season so far I think. Quite mixed from Wigan, but have picked up of late. Got myself a season ticket this year and the people around me proper crack me up. Never met a more miserable, pessimistic bunch of people! I'd dread to think what would happen if they came to watch Rovers!! CLB - you going up for Magic Weekend?
  5. So Super League is back Excellent game at Leeds on Thursday (boooooooo thursday rugby) and very tough game at Wigan last night. That pitch is disgraceful. How any football fan can have the nerve to blame the pitch conditions on the rugby when this is how it is on the opening game I don't know!! It certainly isn't going to get any better until they dig it up in May.
  6. Fixtures are out quick!! Wonder if they'll stay on the days they've already given them or if they'll move more of them to a Thursday. Need to check it out, interesting that all season tickets are now more than Rovers. Saints at home last game of the season
  7. Fantastic achievement - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/34566754 Did it in half the number of games that Raul did.
  8. Just watched the NRL Grand Final, just wow!!! Brisbane defended the entire second half until Cowboys cracked them with 2 seconds to go. Thurston missed the conversion by hitting the post but then went and scored the golden point four minutes later. Amazing scenes! Hope that the GF is as good next week but not quite as nerve wracking as that at the end!!!
  9. Stupid decision to have them both at the same time, but I guess the RFU gave them that one game as an option so they had to take it. The most expensive tickets at the Grand Final are the same price as the cheapest tickets at the England game. Mental.
  10. Thursday games are crap, probably being the main reason! I was looking at the attendances for all teams the other day (cannot remember why) and every team without exception were missing 2-3,000 off the other game attendances. The big chunk of people who are missing are the groups of kids that come along. But anyway I enjoyed it. Expected a bit of a harder game from Hudds, but they always fail in the play offs. Three or four times in the first half they had the advantage coming down our right hand side, they just needed to pass it off one more time and they'd have been in, but they were just being greedy and didn't. Our defence was strong all night. We should give whoever is in the final a very good game....just hoping we keep 13 men on the pitch this time, might help our cause! btw CLB I don't think you should come with that record Manchester is going to be pretty mental next Saturday - it is the Grand Final at OT and also England vs Uruguay at Man City!! I'm not sure how well the city is going to cope with such numbers, but we'll see!
  11. http://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/live/match/44136/report#ooid=syYWhxdzp2e2sHl0EC1PwTz_YwZDMhUc What pathetic defending for that last Leeds try!!!
  12. No Wigan vs Huddersfield Weird feeling. Wigan were ok in first half, pretty ace in the second half. With about 20 minutes to go the Wigan game was pretty much irrelivant, everyone just checking for the scores. Funny that now we've got all the internet in the world, but hardly anyone could get a signal and everyone was relying on phone calls and running down into the concourse where they were showing the Leeds game. Don't think I want to see the end of the Leeds game might make me annoyed. But onwards and upwards. Wigan are in good form going into the playoffs so hopefully they can do it this year. I must say I thought the Super8s were a bit of a weird concept at the start of the season, but they've certainly made the end of the season a bit more than the procession it has been in recent years.
  13. Anyone else watched Show Me A Hero which has just been on Sky Atlantic? It is a new HBO mini series by the people who wrote the Wire about the building of public housing in a white area in Yonkers NY, based on a true story from the late 80s/early 90s. I've just finished it and thought it was very good.
  14. We should sign this lad up as a striker.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/33873951
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