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  1. Not all Hughes' football was good to watch. When we had Dickov up front it was very basic and in your face. This is not unlike Dyche, Moyes, Allerdyce and a degree Hodgson's today. This changed once we had Bellamy but still had a direct option with Kuqi. That is where Mowbray fails as we have no variety.
  2. I understand contracts better than I know how to put you ignore it seems!!! Plodding around in midtable does not seem to put the manager's position in question. As I dont know what the maanger's KPIs are so I dont know if promotion is beneficial. His contract may say avoid relegation. You though seem to know what is in Tony's contract so I bow to your obviously superior knowledge.
  3. It was you who mentioned AKON oraginsing a defence. All I was saying is that it is irrelevent because Mowbray cant organise a defence. If you are hard of thinking thats fine but I will explain. I happen to agree if Sparks as Mowbray is under no pressure to deliver and is well paid so why upset the apple cart? Youre now on ignore so I wont have to reply anymore.
  4. If Mowbray could organise a defence then your argument would have a relevence...but he cant so we aint going up
  5. I see it as one of two ways:- i. WE haven't made an offical bid and Crewe are trying to get a bidding war hoping any other club to make a bid. Barry Fry used Rovers several times in the Uncle Jack days to try to sell players by announcing weve bid for players. or ii. We have bid and been rejected so Mowbray is denying were interested as not to upset our existing players and he does not rock the boat.
  6. He maintained his stance and did not mess us around. Mowbray had us hanging around. As soon as he let his feelings known we should have moved on and not wait for him. Why was it stupid? He had chance of premiership football, with no financial penalty to him. He is young enough to get set up if it didn't work out. Its not like he wont get a Championship club is it? Once a player is on Mowbray's wanted list he very seldom leaves it so it would not surprise me if it did happen
  7. Correction.....mainly the same players bar the keeper. Nymabe, Lenihan, Wharton and Williams were all here.
  8. All the way through the summer it was widely reported on most media sources that WBA was Kipre's prefered choice. The only sticking point to it was Rovers were the only bid accepted and as such Kipre hung on as long as possible for his "Dream Move" to the premiership. We were always his 2nd choice so agreed terms and medical because as we were Wigan's choice until shortly before he moved.
  9. For him not to be counted as a senior, does he not have to come through our accademy? I think Chapman is classed as a senior.
  10. Both these examples fall down by the fact that of the time of their eventual arrival Rovers had changed manager and in some cases several times. They are not the case where the same manager returned for a player who had changed his mind and signed for another club
  11. I suspect that Trybull was only ever cover for injured Travis so with Travis on the way back then it makes sense for him go. Now with squad numbers tight we need to bring in defensive cover so surplus numbers in midfield should be sacrificed. If Trybull had excelled then I'd keep him but like with Douglas these loan players must go if possible.
  12. He certainly did. It was a great equaliser if memory serves me It was the same day that we saw Simon Garner stood outside the player's entrance before the game with a can in his hand. These were great times to follow Rovers away
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