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  1. That's true if Nymabe's 'fitness' issues were all genuine. If what many of us on here think is true and Ryan was made a scapegoat for the more experienced player's mistakes then other clubs will be aware and will take a chance. I believe with better coaching he could make a premiership player or a top championship one. This reminds me at the Raya situation. The hope for JRC worries me, he genuinely looks a crock.
  2. Wasn't Flybe floated on the stock exchange in 2010 so hadn't the Walker family already started to sell off the family silver? Flybe was based in Exeter before it went bust and indeed also sponsored Exeter City.
  3. I thought it was a common opinion on here at least he was off to West Brom before his first injury
  4. Probably just being himself would have been enough
  5. After hearing that broken speaker behind the Blackburn End for a lot of the season, then yes any maintenance at Ewood would be progress.
  6. Surely if this is true, then this should be enough for the owners to follow basic Disciplarily measures and consider dismissing him for Gross Misconduct.
  7. I don't doubt that what Revidge and 1864 say about change is on the way believe to be true. At this moment, it could be. But and this is a very big BUT, any delay until the summer could have dire consequences. Look at past examples. When Lambert left, everyone expected Warnock to be appointed only for Coyle to be appointed. The continued silence from the owners only adds fuel to all three groups that Revidge refers. It is the silence is diversive. The silence gives credance to there is bad things a foot. It would be great to be party to Venky's vision for the club. It would also be helpful if decisive action would be taken rather than what appears to be the slow death of the club which this feels like. In the past I have boycotted the matches but as I saw no change from the owners I cannot see the point anymore. I won't criticise any one who still boycotts for what they believe but I've read the blog again and I understand the cancer that was in the club but I may have missed any evidence that this still remains. If there is please may I see it even by DM. Finally for parties from both sides come on here to complain about other fans opinions without offering an alternative opinion is both pointless and to detriment of this forum.
  8. No need, you can do it for me. 🙂 I was only having a laugh. I was only making a light hearted comment based on the figures quoted on here. I will keep an eye out for him before I make a judgement on him.
  9. Id say with a record of one goal in 51 he'd probably make a better right back than forward
  10. and what happened to the manager after that? Even Venky's acted on that!
  11. The difference is Rothwell would play week in week out up in Scotland. At best, Rothwell would be a squad player in the PL. I think he's had enough of sitting on a bench in his career already.
  12. Possibly but I stand by the fact if we went on an unbeaten 14/15 game run to cement a place in the playoffs then crowds will recover. People will follow a winning side rather than the negativity that surrounds all things blue 'n' white at present
  13. We say it is the weakest league every season so why is this season any different? There are a dozen teams saying exactly the same in that if we keep everyone fit we'll have a chance. Where we differ is that we have a manager who can't stop changing a winning team. As Nyambe left the pitch with a hamstring issue again Id say it is improbable that well start with the same XI at Derby. Of course the fans of Mowbray will be out in force after a win just like the Anti Mowbray ones were out in force after last Tuesday.
  14. I know the chances of resigning players is thin but lets remember many people on here was telling us that we'd have the departure of our better players in the summer. That didn't happen and we only lost Armstrong. Granted the depth of the squad is thin and Mowbray is a poor manager. I'd be amazed if we got near the playoffs but should we get up there by the end of the season Id imagine crowds will recover to around the twenty thousand mark. Question for those boycotting is will they boycot a trip to Wembley?
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