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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/sport/news/what-harvey-elliott-and-liverpool-loanees-have-said-about-their-future-as-club-face-transfer-dilemma/ar-BB1f3bXF?ocid=mailsignout
  2. Yes I can see and agree that it could upset some but that detracts from their argument. You calling that out rather than arguing the facts that need debating only detracts from yours
  3. I agree that there does appear to be a more negative spin on here at present especially compared to other social media. But I ask does having a go at 'public school' types offer a balance? Personally I think it detracts from the counter argument. I would love some of the positive club supporters to be on here to give a proper counter argument so we can have a more balanced debate which could unite the fanbase. It is only then can the fans be able to drive change at our beloved club.
  4. I genuinely believe the only way we can get crowds returning is winning games. How is that attainable without a complete change from within the club? It reminds me of the 80s when Mackay took over. He saw that the club was dyeing and tried to change the mentality of the club. He saw that the club need a more positive media image but fundamentally the club needed to win games. He went out and sold the club locally, he signed Archibald and club went on a long unbeaten run. Crowds returned. Fast forward to today, the club only deals with a negative image in the media, our manager doesn't see
  5. Should do as it is the other knee. Be more concerned if it was the same one
  6. Adds to Darren Lewis' theory that Ince got canned because we are racist
  7. Surely that depends on a certain sports agency deciding which one of it's clients requires the Rovers gig
  8. So why the one with Nyambe not? But I agree Lenihan had no need to put his arm out as there had already been contact with the knee. Two contacts gave the ref little option.
  9. It may appear that Ive been negative but I fully support his efforts.
  10. Totally agree, I think Mowbray will be here next season, with a much depleted squad with numbers made up of free transfers. History will be repeated with relegation a real threat. When Souness took over mid season he had time to assess his squad and made signings to suit what he wanted. I guess on the other foot it could end up like when we installed Lambert mid season with the new man realising he has inherited a no win situation and walk before the end of this season.
  11. Totally agree with you but the question is where the start comes from. The issue is that it appears the owners do not have the vision to grow the club or brand. If they did they would realise they need a catalyst for re-invigoration. Little things like sprucing Ewood up making it look like people care is a start. Im not touching on the footballing side of things.
  12. Yet I live 5 mins from Ewood on a street with 10 houses. My daughter and I are the only season ticket holders at Ewood but there are two Old Trafford season ticket holders. I hope we can grow into the local towns I really do but I think the damage from the last ten years maybe is too irreversible. Venky's have a lot to answer for.
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