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  1. Starting away to Burton this week then have three home games versus Derby, Wigan & Cardiff which if being optimistic are all winnable. We then face Norwich (A), Fulham (A), Preston (H), Brighton (A), Reading (A) & Barnsley (H) which are all tough games. Final five games are crucial after that run with Forest (A), Bristol City (H), Wolves (A), Villa (H) & Brentford (A). Mowbray must of looked at the fixtures, looked at the squad and thought it was possible or why take the job and have a relegation oh his CV.
  2. Just out of interest..... Stats based purely on time at Middlesbrough. Gareth Southgate P 151 - W 45 - D 43 - L 63 (win percentage 29.8%) Steve McClaren P 250 - W 97 - D 60 - L 93 (win percentage 38.8%) Tony Mowbray P 153 - W61 - D 37 - L 55 (win percentage 39.87%) Two of these were deemed good enough to go on and manage the national team. I know that doesn't say much, but interesting nonetheless.
  3. I'm not sure what everyone was expecting? Ferguson to come out of retirement? Dalglish or Souness to come back and save the day? Regardless of who became manager, with no financial backing from the owners, we are pretty much up that well known creek. We are going to spiral further until these idiots sell up and we get someone who understands what running a football club entails. Until that day, we will continue to hire and fire the likes of Coyle & Mowbray etc. What is the incentive for any manager to come here and work for these people. In Jack Walker, we had one of the best owners of that era. Somebody who cared deeply about the club. Someone who backed the manager in every way. An era where football clubs were owned by fans of football. Sad times. Last game I went to was Crystal Palace away when Henning Berg took over. I vowed way back then that I would not spend another penny on any tickets or merchandise as I refuse to make these @#/?s a penny richer. If I get slated for that, I don't care. When Venkys are gone, I will return
  4. Not been on for a few weeks, but very sad to see this news this morning. My thoughts are very much with Kelbo's family at this very tough time.
  5. Deeply shocked by this news. One of my closest friends took his life three weeks ago in the same way. No one saw that coming either & we will never know why. My condolances to his family & friends at this truly terrible time. R.I.P Gary Speed
  6. I met Bobby Robson after a football course I'd done as a kid, he was still England manager at the time. He was a fantastic man, he will be missed very much. RIP Bobby. Absolute legend.
  7. I asked this same question sometime last year, but is there any news on a release of EA cricket for the ps3 this year. A few people posted to say they would probably release one for the ashes series but surely there would of been news of it by now? I know cricket games are probably not a top seller, but I really enjoyed the old PS2 versions.
  8. Benni was fantastic two seasons ago, lets not forget that. However, it is probably time now for him to go, he has slipped down the order & fingers crossed Roque & Carlos will click. The annoying thing is we could have sold him to Chelski last season for top dollar.
  9. He's the reason I support Blackburn. As a kid I never really followed a team as such, but saw this bloke at Norwich who could play centre back when needed, but then go up front & score goals, he made it look so easy. When he signed for Blackburn they became the team I followed & have supported them ever since. Paul Warhurst is another player I liked, again he could play wherever, any idea where he is?
  10. Anyone know what Chris Sutton is up to these days. Great player, was gutted when he left Rovers.
  11. Cheers. I know most people would find cricket games boring, but I quite enjoyed the last EA version.
  12. Anyone know if there is going to be a cricket game on ps3? Used to enjoy playing EA Cricket on ps2.
  13. Damien Duff is recovering from a "career threatening" foot injury, he is making good progress & Allardyce has stated that he intends to get him back to full fitness as he is one of the best wingers in the league & an asset to any club.
  14. Absolutley right, cos without his goals last season we wouldn't of even been in with a shout of europe this season. Get behind him.
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