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  1. We all have an opinion on things. For the sake of debate, why do you say that?
  2. There are more fans at his other clubs having positive things to say about Tony Mowbray - than negative. I think he will do ok for Rovers and keep us up. I reckon Mowbray thinks the same. I think this was planned awhile ago. Maybe the club had to wait for the extra income from the Man U match, before implementing the removal of coyle.
  3. Some saying the championship is his level. Would have him back etc. Even though they went on a 10 match without a win. I think having Lowe and Dunn as part of the management team will be beneficial. Yesterday Rovers were going down - today they have a 'better' chance of staying up. New manager boost - he is in the chair, fans should get behind him, even if he wasn't the ideal choice. Staying up is more important than who does it.
  4. He may not be the appointment folk wanted - but has to be better than coyle. It is the cheap option - reality is that is where the club is at. He has got the job, that isn't going to change now. I will support him, until he gives reason for not doing so. Whoever came in is on a hiding to nothing - 15 games. Got to hit the ground running. If he keeps Rovers up, we will praise him. If not, we will curses him.
  5. He was a defender - Rovers defence needs sorting out. He brought Marvin Emes into the Boro squad. He is not Kean, Not coyle. One of a few idiots willing to work under those ruining the club. Having Dunn in the management team, hopefully will be good for both Rovers and Dunn.
  6. The pitch has had a slope for years - nothing new there.
  7. Comes in handy when you can't get to matches.
  8. I don't do Christmas (wife does) - I just treat it as any other day. I eat out on Christmas day, have done for years. Normally Indian.
  9. Wife and I tried Maida the other day. We thought it was ok. Far far better than Shila qula (sp)
  10. RIP Kelvin. Always liked his posts and the PM's he sent.
  11. No need for such posts. Someone posts an opinion and you call him a @#/?. I presume you were looking in the mirror when you posted that. Think folk been banned for less.
  12. You may have a point with Murphy poss next manager. Though at the this moment in time, we would take anybody bar Kean to be the manager.
  13. Slight problem with that. Is I do not think they were at fulham the same time. Pretty good signing for the championship, Murphy maybe suggested him.
  14. Thought the same. Bolton supporter in my pub said Rovers were afraid to win, because of the emotion of the situation. He considered that if rovers had won, we would have seen headlines of, rovers add to boltons misery' etc etc. The commentry on radio rovers said this was the worse referee they had seen for ages. He blatently made the wrong calls against Rovers.
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