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Wanted - Programmes - Rovers Homes

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OK, to get the topic started, I would welcome anybody who may have the following Rovers HOMES to either exchange or sell.

1955/56 Swansea Town 25/11/55

Nottingham Forest 2/1/56

NottsCounty 3/3/56

Hull City 30/3/56

Middlesbrough 14/4/56

Rotherham United 30/4/56

1956/57 Rotherham United 29/12/56

Nottingham Forest 1/1/57

Airdrionians 9/4/57 (Friendly)

Notts County 19/4/57

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My home wants back to 1952/53 are:

70/71 Bristol City

57/58 Barnsley

56/57 Lincoln,Orient,Bristol City

55/56 Rotherham

54/55 West Ham

53/54 Notts County,Plymouth,Rotherham,Lincoln.

52/53 West Ham,Leicester,Barnsley.

I need a few earlier than that. I have a spare copy of 55/56 Middlesborough, condition is not bad for the year,Middlesboro written in pencil on the cover. I would be interested in swapping for anything i need.I also have quite a few spares in the mid to late fifties early sixties.

This forum can be a good idea if people dont abuse it. I think that Rovers have very few serious programme collectors and it is about time we all got together to try and make programme collecting the friendly helpful hobby it used to be before so many greedy dealers tried making a fortune out of it.

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