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  1. Knock it round and keeper take him out, he jumped so the keeper didn’t touch him!
  2. Gallagher will be on the pitch until the 85th minute....TM favourite.
  3. Toney's arm seem to be across Lenihan who was holding it and then seemed to throw himself to floor.
  4. You may know JP then? My son works with him, he's currently on Deepdale waving the Rovers flag. ?
  5. PNE had one shot on target in 73 mins vs 10 man Sheff Wed on Saturday. They’ve been shocking at home this season and clueless by all accounts (my son works for PNE), so naturally a perfect game for them! About time we did them over!
  6. Offiside for first and defensive mistake for second. Reading havent taken the few chances they have had unlike when they played us.
  7. Lenihan follwed the man he was marking, Trybull also came over and the ball pretty much went between both of them. JRC dived in and was pipped to the ball, Williams seemed to misjudge the speed of the Reading player and the result if the ball in the back of the net.
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