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A positive outlook

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Given the changes ,due to injuries and a  thin squad,a really great result. If additions come in and everyone is fit there are some difficult decisions. On the positive side we ought to be able to put out a strong bench, which for me is always an indicator of a good side. Most folk looking at todays selection and bench would think we were in trouble,but the effort and management got us through. Things can only improve with more availability but it will still take a fair number of games to establish a definite starting eleven. The back four just need to stay healthy and Williams is good cover. Midfield wise I suppose it's horses for courses,but it will be good to have competition. Tactics will be crucial as there are any numbert of ways to approach a game. Weseem to be a positive work in progress,and whilst no doubt there will be setbacks,it's difficult to see a starting eleven and bench as threadbare as today at 2 o clock.. The management seems to know what it's doing though,and the future looks ok. it's certainly going to be interesting,given the wide variety of opinions regarding crucial positions and tactics.What a great result today!

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Press enter somewhere around the middle of that 😛

Otherwise a cracking post.

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