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  1. 19 minutes ago, Crimpshrine said:

    Could be useful for snowball practice in the winter

    When I first saw the image , was thinking Waggot had missed a trick here, set it up outside Ewood, paintball gun attached to the top of the barrier, 5 quid a pop* - Ka-ching !!!!!!!!!!

    *Free dab of hand sanitiser after every use

  2. 9 hours ago, Stuart said:


    If that photo was real, and I really hope it’s a photoshop prank, then it would be another low stoop. The photo of Desai suggests it’s a fake though.

    0.40 - 0.44 seconds in on the video match highlights posted in a previous post by Allroverasia, shows its real 

    The photo of Desai (as well as the others apart from Barry's son? )seem to be  from when they first turned up at Ewood for that night game, when Barry and Tache went on the pitch and she stayed in the stand, probably from the LT


  3. 15 minutes ago, Stuart said:

    Looks like the screen freeze is doing the rounds.

    If it keeps happening alter the quality settings (cog wheel bottom right of screen) the video difference between 720 hd and 720 p is minimal but 720p  seems to stream better without freezing if your connection is up and down.

    Mine always auto defaults to 720 hd but always change to 720p

  4. 4 hours ago, TimmyJimmy said:

    I've not got a season ticket this year, I buy tickets for most matches individually. I'm also a tech dinosaur so am quite lost with this streaming stuff. Help!

    I think I've done stuff the wrong way round. I went to iFollow and bought a ticket. It then said I needed to get the Rovers app in order to watch the match. I installed the app and it then made me set up a MyRovers account, which I did.

    I now have an app, an iFollow account, a MyRovers account and a match day subscription.


    When I say dinosaur I mean Dinosaur! Can someone please tell me (as if I was a 5 year old) what the hell I do next to see the match.

    Sorry can not help with android app (I tried it once and it was awful, and the live stream constantly stopped, went down etc)

    But if you have access to a laptop (windows based)  , sign out of the android app on your device. 

    using the chrome browser*  go to www.rovers.co.uk , on the top menu go to Matches, then First team fixtures.

    A new page will show, showing up coming matches. click on live match centre link on the Bristol game. A new page will appear where you can choose Video or Audio link (these usually appear half and hour before kick off)

    Once you click the video link it will ask for your login / password , once entered the video player will appear. 

    * Tried other browsers and chrome seems the most reliable with ifollow, whatever the current operating system on macbook is, also works well according to my PNE supporting Brother in law.



  5. 13 hours ago, Stuart said:

    Well that’s nice. That goodness we don’t have to worry about it...



    That as always been the case with ifollow since its start for overseas subscribers, your subscription (video content)  covers all standard league games not including the play offs. all to do with play off games in every division  being broadcast on TV . For part of the first season of ifollow there was no Football League tv broadcast deal in Australia, so contacted ifollow and they said if there is no TV station showing the play off games in x country, match passes will be made available per game for that country.

    Expect that  play off games on a per match basis this season will have to be offered to season ticket holders for a fee.

    Edit: Wrong on my expectations of the above, just looked at the Exeter website who played in a first leg play off this week.Looks like the broadcasters put their foot down despite the unusual circumstances.


  6. 4 hours ago, chaddyrovers said:

    Can ifollow do this? 

    At one stage you could have choice of home commentary, away commentary and no commentary (just crowd noise) , for a long while whatever you chose , it was just real crowd noise about 30 seconds behind the game.

    This season it just defaults to your teams commentary (with background crowd noise) , still about 10 seconds behind the visuals and sometimes they forget to plug their mics in for the commentary :)

    Despite all ifollows faults it does seem to be improving season after season , looking forward to seeing how the servers hold up to the increase in streamers, as the biggest viewership for one game prior was  4500 viewers (Luton v Portsmouth , 2019)

  7. 13 minutes ago, JoeH said:

    The "First Team" is supposedly the XI which will feature on Saturday.
    Walton, Lenihan, Tosin, Travis and Holtby can all be seen in the home kit from pictures around social media.

    The "Youth Team & Reserves" side featured players from Danny Graham to Jack Vale. Smallwood, Chapman and Gallagher also featured in the away strip so could be good news for those like me who don't have much time for Gallagher starting games.

    Danny Graham managed a hat-trick, featuring for the "lesser" side, and whilst I couldn't tell you the final score - it's fairly scary that our 2nd team can score at least three goals against our 1st. I hope it was 7-3 but something tells me the lack of footage from the game is telling. (Mainly because beforehand Rovers said they'd be posting content from the match)

    Or a cunning plan from ToMo in case anybody from Bristol saw the footage,and thinks we will be playing our strikers up front centre .:)


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