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  1. Can we not ask Chorley to host our remaining matches ? Granted might be a bit of an upgrade but could be beneficial for the total Mowball philosophy
  2. Oh dear, after the cash jackpot for Marine with the virtual tickets , Chorley are doing the same with the Wolves game. Unfortunately it's not going to plan. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/chorley-tweet-wolves-west-brom-19648359
  3. No wonder they went down in 93 , that team that won the European cup in 1980 would have been in their Late 30's, and 40's
  4. Problem is if you do not find where the source of the water is getting in and sort it, applying a waterproof sealant to where you can see it running down the walls is going to make your problems worse by creating a bigger area of water damage. Might be as simple as a slipped slate, that just needs sliding back into place. Gutters blocked?
  5. How is Tomo going to persuade the other 23 teams in the league to get their pitches up to lawn bowl standards so we can shine with our total mowball philosophy, although it will be probably easier than going for the radical idea of a plan B
  6. What's the story Tony Mowbray , You need a little time to wake up, Well
  7. Wonder if those young Venky's female employees have any other essential ground maintenance tools besides scissors? They would be a lot faster as well at Ewood as they would have two hands free (No sun Parasol needed )
  8. If it does end up 0-1 , think positive, in two months ToMo will be in the telegraph telling us it was 3 points in the bag
  9. Must admit quite keen on DIY, well the bit were you plan everything then go on a shopping trip to the DIY store to buy nice shiny tools and materials, then put everything nicely stacked in the shed , then my enthusiasm subsides Just wished I had paid more (any)attention to my Dad. One of those self taught blokes who could do most DIY and things like make his own window frames etc. Usually I would bugger off somewhere or have something else to do when he came down to my house to "help" me do some DIY because I didn't have the right tools etc. Lot of humble pie was eaten when I move
  10. Just confirmed , 10 Republicans voted for , so far . 13 votes remaining - 228 to 194
  11. Looks like the 30 pound voucher is coming back. Well done to the leader of the opposition Marcus Rashford, can anybody remember the last time the leader of the opposition had to dash off to prepare for their participation in a football match
  12. https://www.brfcs.com/mb/index.php?/forums/topic/34746-tony-mowbray-stick-or-twist/&do=findComment&comment=2158189
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