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  1. Looking at the full list of clubs , we seem a odd addition ,Somebody in Asia shoved a big wedge on it ? https://www.oddschecker.com/football/manager-specials/frank-lampard/next-club
  2. Who knows, I am pretty sure if the commercial fryer at the Venky's XPRS in down town Pune broke , they would not suggest using a candle under a frying pan to make do 🙂 All part of the maintenance and wear and tear associated with owing a business you would think.
  3. As it is part of the stadium I presume it is exempt from inclusion in the FFP calculations https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/29361839 3. What is covered by FFP? Clubs need to balance football-related expenditure - transfers and wages - with television and ticket income, plus revenues raised by their commercial departments. Money spent on stadiums, training facilities, youth development or community projects is exempt.
  4. Sounds plausible but remember we have been told that Venky's the Indian Billionaires never refuse to sign a cheque Considering a decent pitch is somewhat crucial to the business at their Ewood Park franchise, should really be a no-brainer.
  5. Apparently Pelly Ruddock Mpanzu (Luton) is out of contract at the end of June. Bit of a nuisance in midfield (quite noticeable against Rovers) and can drop back into central defence as a temporary measure. Would certainly out some bite into midfield and only 28 in July
  6. Do you think Carter will be ready to play a 45 Championship game season? 🙂
  7. Also surprisingly no teeside link , but once worked in the cafe at a Debenhams (according to wiki) so can handle a nice bit of lemon drizzle ;)
  8. No comparison, Ferguson rushes to finish his Journey (especially when he needs a shit 😉 )
  9. Derby stay up if it stays 3-3 :(, good effort by Wycombe to finish 22nd
  10. Added bonus is we can switch to watch the final 10 mins of Derby v Sheff W after the Rovers game as finished, could be the biggest viewing figures of the day Wednesday 3-2 up
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