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  1. If Rovers TV is tied to the same rules as ifollow it seems so for the UK, this from the Huddersfield site https://www.htafc.com/news/2021/july/watch-town-on-ifollow-this-season/
  2. Broadcast revenue will be down 3 million (Championship 3.8 mill per club) League 1 (667,000 per club)
  3. does your Mrs have mafia connections? 🙂
  4. Don't know if its notlob's camera man or Rovers, but doing a decent job so far. commentator ok as well
  5. 1. yes 2.yes 3. Daniel Ayala , (based on average marks, a perfect 10 for the one game he plays in ) 4. 21st if we are lucky 5. Swansea
  6. "I learnt a lot of things out there, different styles of play and I'm going to bring it back here (to Blackburn)."
  7. You should write to the club and ask them to offer Liz Windsor a season ticket *, a snowball the size of jupiter wouldn't stop them attending Ewood then. *If she say's no, offer her an away shirt as well , she won't be able to resist that beauty
  8. I personally wouldn't , I'd just give it directly to the North East failing footballers benevolent fund, but considering She and her brothers (probably) employed him and continue to - yes. Why wouldn't they? , he is still their chosen manager ,if they don't trust him , they should sack him . Then again he may be holding them back from splashing the cash again 😉
  9. Oh well, looks like top 5 in the Premier League and champions league is now out of the equation now the 5 million per season and loans , as just become loans. Beginning to think that Desai women tells fibs
  10. Just have to make do with a behind the scenes to the pepsi commercial
  11. Don't know what the posters above were viewing on (re spammy ads) but via windows on chrome it as been horrendous last couple of days ,as well as pop up ads when switching threads, 6/7 ads per forum thread inbetween posts besides the terrace store one , ads in the sidebar etc, seems to be only a problem on chrome* , on MS edge gaps where the adverts appear on chrome. Looks fine on firefox though. *tried on two different windows based system one with a fresh install of chrome, same result.
  12. oops, bloody hell thought it was Wednesday today !!!!!!! might change my post to just over 24 hours to go and not look a knob, :)
  13. Considering as you say Leeds jumped the gun one/two days ago, with just over 4 hours to go till kick off, still a bit secret squirrel on Rovers part. Still no details on Rovers TV regarding this or subscriptions for the season, but they have added a paypal payment option which is a good start.
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