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  1. If the planned route is anything like Mowbray's journey , they will never arrive at Ewood
  2. "I would rather lose them games having a go... than sitting with 10 men behind the ball playing for a draw." TM on BBC Lancashire Sport , last night. Obviously looking at the stats , it does seem to be working as its led to less draws and more losses.
  3. P W D L F A GD PTS Position 2021 - 31 11 6 14 45 37 8 39 15 2020- 31 12 8 11 43 38 5 44 12 2019 - 31 11 10 10 42 47 -5 43 13
  4. "Young Harvey san, the hachimaki is a sign of the wearers effort or courage these must shine through when wearing it or you just look a knob " - Mr Miyagi 24/2/2021 (Probably)
  5. Was looking for something else (see Watford game thread) and came across this picture which I have not seen before. A beauty of a away kit with the white patch red rose badge. link : Bristol Rovers away 12/3/ 1974 Lost 3-0
  6. No it was not that one that I am thinking of, was definitely earlier than that, was still at school. Just looked at the 11 v 11 website , and the only home games against Watford (from the time I started going Rovers ) are in 72 ,73 and 74 then 81 and 82 , considering those dates I'm leaning it to being 1974 if it was Watford. Edit : 1982 game is on youtube
  7. Was that the one in Bassecourt, Jura ? Did it actually get built? remember looking into it a while ago and the last thing i could find was the winding up of the swiss holding company set up by Venky's, and a swiss article about work beginning to start on the site 18 months after the announcement that was about 2012. Funnily enough about the time they fell out with their Swiss based friends at Kentaro
  8. He specified that the 4th anniversary cake for the photoshoot must have the icing and marzipan on the inside and sponge coated with jam on the outside, needless to say much like his on field fetish for things out of position it didn't turn out to well.
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