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  1. http://www.rovers.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/statement-on-behalf-of-the-owners-3650133.aspx Makes me so mad every time they put a statement out. "thank you once again for your continued and loyal support" - absolute joke... "and we look forward to seeing where he can take the team in the future" - money talks...
  2. RoodMullet

    New Sporting Director Rumour

    He was quite an arrogant pr1ck, but Hughes seemed to have him under control. Superb footballer for us though I miss those days! Pederson and Bentley on the wings...
  3. RoodMullet

    New Sporting Director Rumour

    Samba and Nelson dominating at the back
  4. RoodMullet

    New Sporting Director Rumour

    Not sure if already posted but there are a few players on this list published from FA who belong to Senior's wife's agency. Might be worth keeping an eye on; http://www.thefa.com/-/media/files/pdf/the-fa-2015-16/intermediary-transactions-1-april-2015-to-1-february-2016.ashx?la=en (ctrl+f 'onside sports')
  5. Is this going to be a webcast or recording? Would like to hear this but living in Australia!
  6. RoodMullet

    Balaji Rao phone call audio

    Seems strange to me, but much respect to whoever managed to get hold of him if it's authentic though. Can someone tell me the name of Senior's wife's agency please?

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