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  1. demontfort_rover

    Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Down to 9
  2. demontfort_rover

    Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Graham 2-0
  3. demontfort_rover

    Premier League Happenings

    Appears Hughes has got the chop.
  4. demontfort_rover

    Shebby Singh

    Link Link2
  5. demontfort_rover

    First home game next season

    Away at Ipswich.
  6. Will Venkys loose face about this article? Or is it water of a chickens back (sorry!) As stated in the article cricket is the main sport in India, will people read it and take note or alternatively not care what is happening on the other side of the world to our club. Im not sure of the demographic of the indian econmic times but presume its aimed at 'professionals' and hopefully its a start at making people in India sit up and take note.
  7. demontfort_rover

    Tom Tom on iPhone

    Depends on the App and if the functionality is built into it. Skobbler definitely runs in the background, I can feel the GPS chip get warm through the back of the phone! Some other Apps just freeze their state and "minimise". This still impacts on the battery life all be it very minimal.
  8. demontfort_rover

    Tom Tom on iPhone

    Glad I could help.
  9. demontfort_rover

    Tom Tom on iPhone

    If you are using IOS 4 on your phone try double tapping the home button, this will shows apps running in the back ground, press and hold the Tom Tom icon until it shakes, then on the red minus which should close the app. This will stop the app running in the background. Hope this helps!
  10. demontfort_rover

    360 - Fifa 10 - Brfcs League

    Played two, lost two! Kamy, your change in tactics and bringing Zigic turned the game, just couldn't handle it. Most likely be on tonight around half 7 - 8.
  11. demontfort_rover

    360 - Fifa 10 - Brfcs League

    I will gladly join, gamertag is ShagpileRug. Will be able to play a game most nights.
  12. demontfort_rover

    New Games

    On disc!
  13. demontfort_rover

    Burnley Home Game

    A bit of a burnley love in on the One Show now
  14. demontfort_rover

    My Gamer Tag Is.....

    Xbox 360 - ShagpileRug Mostly play COD4 and just got Fifa 09 but not very good always up for a game though.
  15. demontfort_rover

    New Games

    Bioshock 2, teasers are appearing here.

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