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  1. andymo

    Mowbray’s Future

    When Mowbray came in this club was in a mess he has since turned it round on and off the pitch ,so when a CEO is being looked for he,s not going to recommend a cowboy when asked and if this poll was taken end of Jan he would poll 100% stay , fickle fans or what !! Get behind him and ALL the players .
  2. Thought Cairney was excellent tonight, showed his class on the ball ,hope Bowyer takes note center mid is where he plays, Lowe played well also, big plus was the magnificent fans ,non stop support, didnt hear the city fans till they scored,
  3. andymo

    [Archived] Kean Out banners

    on daily mail website
  4. agree with you on this one ,have supported the team all my life (40 years+) will continue to do so,what ever division we are in ,not happy with what is happening to the club but that will never stop me supporting 'my team', some people forget were we came from in the 70's to now ,not everybody started supporting them in the 90's!!

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