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  1. darwenblueswearehere


    Hi everyone. My name is Andy. I am approaching 50 and was born and spent the first 30 years of my life in Darwen. Played for various local football teams including Darwen Olympic, Marsh House, Ewood Amateurs, Blackburn Olympic, Sunnyhurst/Alex and Lower Chapel Olympic. Looking at some of the other posters I'm pretty sure Arbitro has reffed games that I've played in and come along to watch cup finals and the like (if he is who I think he is....?). Scored around 300 goals in amateur and junior football but never had enough natural pace to play professionally. I was also a fairly well known pub league snooker and pool player in Darwen in the 80s. I have lived in Glasgow for the past 16 years, having promised my Glaswegian wife that I would "Fulfil your wish to move back home when Rovers have been crowned champions of England". A promise I made in 1988........ I saw my first Rovers game in the late 60s, and started going on a regular basis in 1972 when Tony Field was banging them in and Roger Jones was keeping them out! am a Darwen End season ticket holder along with my sons who are 22 and 17. We catch the train to and from games from our home north of Glasgow, a 450 mile round trip, and often meet Fife Rover and other Rovers fans on the train, along with supporters of many other clubs from all divisions. We can normally be found in the Infirmary (or the Lockside Tavern as it is now known) before games. I have managed to persuade quite a few disillusioned Scots to make regular journeys to Ewood over the past couple of years, not sure how long they'll put up with the current atmosphere though. My job entails representing the interests of Scotland's housing association sector with politicians and civil servants and I can often be found giving evidence in the Scottish Parliament and speaking at conferences etc. I mention Rovers at every possible opportunity. I carry the Arte et Labore motto into my working life and am proud to be a Rover, despite the current shenanigans.
  2. darwenblueswearehere

    John Jensen gone

    The players probably sussed him out a long time ago, which probably helps to explain the awful results during his tenure.
  3. darwenblueswearehere

    Ronnie Clayton

    Beautifully put. RIP Ronnie. Never saw you play but my dad and my uncle never stopped talking about you and Duggie, and I remember your paper shop on Blackburn Road in Darwen. Rovers fans, please get to the ground a bit earlier today to pay a proper tribute to Mr Blackburn Rovers.
  4. darwenblueswearehere

    Mark Patterson

    Dunno if anyone has mentioned this, but Mark Patterson has secured a job as first team coach at Accrington Stanley. One of the few quality players to come out of Darwen in recent years. Hopefully the Pilkington brothers might emulate him. Should've been more of a Rovers legend but fell out with Don Mackay (and smoked and drank even more than Garner too...............)
  5. darwenblueswearehere

    14th May1995

    I remember going to Liverpool ticketless and some Scousers actually gave us their complimentary tickets for nowt. Ended up sat next to Mark Wright and going through every emotion it was possible to experience. There was a helluva scrap between two Scousers in the pub after the game, but one thing that really sticks in my mind was the banner hung outside a house (possibly a farmhouse) just off the M61 which read "Congratulations Rovers, from BWFC", which I thought was fantastic, and brought a lump to my throat.
  6. darwenblueswearehere

    7 May 1988

    Anyone remember the coins pinging off the floodlight pylons at our end, and those who travelled by train were ferried to London Bridge Station (not sure why that one) in police personnel carriers after the game. Bizarre! I went to every away game that season as I was out of action with a torn cruciate ligament...we had a really good away record as I recall, and often came from a goal down to win 2-1 (or is my memory playing tricks?)
  7. darwenblueswearehere

    Rovers 5 C Palace 4

    I remember gliding up Cravens Brow with my cousin Lee Walmsley after this game and hearing an older chap utter this immortal sentence "I won't even be bothered if t'wife hasn't me tea on t'table after that, what a bloody game". I can't believe how dated the footage looks, Jesus it only seems like yesterday.
  8. darwenblueswearehere

    Where Are They Now?

    Did anyone notice that goals were scored by players called Phil Jones, Paul Robinson and David Dunn in lower league and Scottish games yesterday?..................
  9. darwenblueswearehere

    Mick Heaton

    Yes it was sad that we lost two great ex Rovers just before our Premier League triumph in Mick Heaton and Noel Brotherston. Noel was the better player of the two but Heaton always gave 100% but I have hazy memories of him scoring an own goal AND hitting his own post in the same game in the early 70s (think it would've been a 3rd Division game). Am I right in thinking that, before going full time as Howard Kendall's assistant, he owned (or co-owned) a sports shop in Darwen?
  10. darwenblueswearehere

    RIP John Steven Taylor

    Hello Fife Rover, all these non Saturday home games are mucking things up for us long distance season ticket holders eh? Anyway, firstly, I echo the condolences of football fans everywhere to the Taylor family, I remember the older family members from my days in Darwen. I hope things get easier for you all with time. I also agree that there should be a 1 minute silence (not 2) on Wednesday. Secondly, Fife Rover is correct with the facts about alcohol being served (or not served, to be more accurate) in Scottish football grounds. However, I live in Glasgow and tbh it doesn't make any difference whether its served in the stadium or not, most of the old firm Scots/Irish get totally wasted before they get anywhere near Ibrox or Parkhead (or whatever poor sod of a town happens to be hosting one of them) and the violence in the City is arguably the worst in the UK. In fact, Glasgow is bottom (or top, depending on which way you view it)of all the poor health indeces, particularly in relation to alcohol related illnesses. I suppose in relation to what we understand to have happened to poor Mr Taylor at Stoke, had there been a blanket ban on alcohol in the stadium, the bar being closed possibly wouldn't have caused the reaction that it did. Although I'm not 100% sure of that to be honest - its amazing wht silly things can kick a situation off these days. I'll stop there, before I start going on about the Nanny State, which would be inappropriate on this thread. Aghain, condolences to the Taylor family.
  11. darwenblueswearehere

    RIP John Steven Taylor


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