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  1. I need to sort that in new year. Was ridiculously close at the Manchester Arena. Stage was amazing too
  2. I enjoyed Prometheus. Big Alien fan and there are comparisons with it sure
  3. Finally watched Inception tonight. Wow, need another watch
  4. Check out the stadium tour pics on muse.mu Can't wait for next week now
  5. Brandon Flowers solo single 'Crossfire' gets a massive thumbs up
  6. Shame never played a few more older classics, but they seem to be listening to the fans by finally playing Citizen Erased
  7. I am going LCCC gig in September, kind of looking forward to Editors but their newer stuff isn't the best. Got the Band Of Sculls album who are also supporting and it is very good, I got into Big Pink after seeing them support at Echo Arena in November. Agree with Bellamy11 regarding some of the recent stuff, I really really hope they dont follow the same setlists they have been doing on the stadium tour over here. We need the older, heavier classics to be a big part of the show.... and WHAT A STAGE it will be played on. Jeeesus
  8. We got just over 1 1/2 hours in Liverpool and they came on very early. Set was amazing and we got very close to the front
  9. Wont watch it online then will make it better when there. I see they been playing a few Exogenesis parts live too?
  10. just seen pictures of it - quality notice the signature in your profile is the intro they play?
  11. Going Echo Arena next week - do the boxes on the stage move around as seen some shots they put on the site with Dom appearing up in the air??
  12. Its took me ages to get Ste to change it back!!!!!!!! finally he did anyway - the album is bloody good
  13. New album is brilliant, Uprising is not even one of the best songs on there
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