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  1. You've seen it three times before, mate. (rimshot)
  2. According to Marca, when Jermaine Pennant got his loan move back to England, he left his Porsche at the train station in Zaragoza. After it sat there for five months, the club sent someone to pick it up, who found that Pennant had left the keys on the seat of the car.
  3. Was gonna post a list of films to look forward to in 2011, but then I found this, and why bother ever watching another film? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svOlz2ei4Yk
  4. Edit: Wrong thread. Oops. Since I'm here, True Grit was decent - not the awesome Coen fare I'm used to, but still pretty good. The King's Speech was surprisingly good, too. Never ever liked Colin Firth but he was great.
  5. Just two days later and he already has a job offer as an announcer for the Cavs, who are also gonna give him a brand new house. I love the internet.
  6. It's ###### awful. Pisspoor script and worst dialogue of all time can't be fixed with average graphics and a phoned-in Daft Punk soundtrack.
  7. Probably been posted before: Go to Google Maps. Click Get Directions. Set start address as Japan. Set end address as China. Check direction number 43.
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