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  1. must be eh? shame you were not in Polond for the game, heard you deserved to win. many congrats from a dingle on representing Britain and the North West in the EUFA cup. and congrats on being top of your group
  2. Jonas, dont be a knob. thought we had sorted everything out, then you come on here and abuse me. Im not a blackburn lad, im burnley through and through, i just live here. work in burnley too now, so that has ###### on your chips hasn't it? i might see you at plymouth at weekend, but then again, i very much doubt you would go that far to watch Burnley. did you enjoy watching us on the TV against norwich? i enjoyed watching it from Carrow Road
  3. muppets indeed, but i have been watching burnley for 17 years now. and although i am only 21 nd do not remember much of it, i will follow them through everything. i think gav needs to get a grip, personally
  4. to be fair, there are some good replies on this thread from the question i posed to you all. As for wanting to be in the premiership, every club wants it, and even though, i want to see Burnley in the premiersip, i know it will not happen whilst Kilby is chairman(not a lur on him at all) i just think that he does not share the same ambition with the fans as Wlaker did at your place. As for the "carrotsmad" jibe. i am a regular on there and yes, you do get some idiots, but dont tar us all with the same brush, please. I am a Burnley fan, first and foremost, but as most of you have gathered on here, i can talk football too. maybe a bit biased, but i do talk football Marv, I mean this in the nicest way possible... Since winning the Premiership we've been very much up & down the league position wise, however, we've had (Albeit brief) a few trips into Europe, we've won a cup @ The Millenium Stadium and been relegated & promoted, all (Bar the relegation) very gratefully received, however, the hard core of fans (Season Ticket holders & regulars) have stuck with it despite Mr Sourness etc. Personally, and I think if you were in any way unblinkered, would not suggest that your supporters are less flakey than ours would you, I think they are, look at the decline in your gates? And you've been doing not so bad under cotterill? Our supporters (Spoon fed or not) aren't that pre occupied with the past, you know your's are! Last point, look at the difference in the respective boards, our have the club's at heart and remain realistic & innovative (Although not perfect), your's on the other hand i agree. we look at the past(although i am not old enough to remeber us winning anything bar the playoff final and div 4 ) because we have nothing to look at in the present. yess we are playing quite well at the moment, but , to be fair, i cannot see us gettin promoted. If cotterill takes us as far as Ternent did, then we will be closer to the prem, but until that happens, then i wont hold my breath :ph34r:
  5. chelsea or Manure are not the topic of my discussion, although they are worse than what you were. but the point was aimed at all your part timers(not saying that we dont have any) that have since deserted you since your premeirship title
  6. think you missed the highly exciting 0-0 draw at Turf Moor off there didn't you? To be fair, it might be 30?!!! years since we last beat you(27 isnt it?) and it might be another 30 till we next beat you, but it does not stop ME from supporting MY club. shame that real fans still exist eh? rather than the ones that have been spoonfed glory :ph34r: not a dig at all of you, but im sure that some people will know what i am on about
  7. does not hurt at all. just shows some rovers fans arrogance. it is all well and good saying you have not looked at where we are in the laegue for years, but i bet you look at it every week when we play. as for yesterday, we were by far the better team until captain @#/? got sent off(again) and we would have won. i am sure you all know THAT feeling though eh?
  8. funny thing is, we are 3rd in the championship. we are not going to stay there, but saying were are just about staying up is somewhat harsh. suppose that those blue and white tinted spectacles have somewhat blown all normal reasoning out of the water
  9. probably feels that now his career has gone down the pan, he might as well get some compo. time wasting idiot if you ask me
  10. must say that we were rubbish last night, but Norn Iron were fantastic. how many teams have beaten both England and Spain in the last year? Is Norn Irish football looking up at last? With players like Lafferty coming through, the future does seem bright for them. BRFC, what are your opinions on Lafferty btw?
  11. not going to happen whilst he is at the club, he is 27 now
  12. it was sarcasm. he couldnt score in a brothel. therefore i wont bite. understood?
  13. sorry, new to the board, still dont know how anything works. lucky i got it in a link
  14. THUG SCUM don't think anyone seen that comming, because the referee took action with the yellow card, no further action can be taken. Mendes didnt but thatcher certainley meant to take him out
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