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  1. Can't have that Morecambe deserved to win that game, we should have been out of sight in the first half really. In isolation the performance wasn't that bad it's just frustrating that we can't seem to shake the habit of conceding soft goals. One thing is for sure we need four or five quality players adding to the squad if we are to have much hope of finishing anywhere beyond mid-table this season in my opinion.
  2. Just got to echo what a lot of you on here are saying in that Italy thoroughly deserved to win the tournament, they were the best team from the very start although they did ride their luck on numerous occasions when you think about it, Austria goal disallowed by VAR for a narrow offside, the games against Belgium and Spain were very tight and could have gone either way also. Went through extra-time three times and won two penalty shoots also it just goes to show the narrow margins that are involved when it comes to knockout tournament football. Which brings me onto my second point, I think ultimately Southgate's got to take some slack for the way the penalties went down and the ordering especially. Firstly Henderson took a penalty in the shootout at the World Cup against Colombia (okay yeah he did miss) but presumably he was one of the five best takers then and still be up for taking a penalty in this one. Maybe I'm wrong but it felt like some petty payback for taking that penalty in the pre-tournament friendly out of turn? The bringing on the players to take penalties I don't really mind to be honest, you want the best finishers on there to take them. My argument would have been you could have gone full hog and brought Calvert-Lewin on as well though. Finally think it was a bad move putting the young lad Saka on the pressure fifth penalty, a lot of teams put their best taker on the fifth for that very reason. You would have expected the more confident, experienced of Sterling or Grealish to be ahead in the pecking order when it comes to penalties given the pressure of the situation. Feels like a decision that was possibly based off data from the training pitch or something it showed a lacked of understanding whichever way you look at it.
  3. Great to see him back playing ? Interesting enough looks like he was playing up top on his own with Gallagher on the right and Dolan on the left.
  4. Do I get extra points for naming the grounds? There's Hakan Unsal at Elland Road, Bruno Berner at The Emirates and Herald Goulon at Old Trafford! No one's said Dino Baggio yet.
  5. You only get the seven midweek away games on iFollow (providing everything is still behind closed doors). So you potentially save yourself £70 or so less £10 x how many times we are on Sky (presuming you have Sky and won't have to pay iFollow for those games).
  6. The Season passes make zero sense at the moment to people who buy multiple season tickets who live together or be able to watch games on ifollow together at £10 between them. Three adult season tickets holders would have to fork out £399 each for one of the passes, the equivalent of £17.34 per game, when they could currently watch it for £3.33 per person currently with one ifollow pass. That's £52.02 versus £10 per game for however long fans aren't allowed back into the stadium. I'm aware the pro-rata refunds are available off next season tickets (still money you've got to pay now though) and even taking that into account you are burning an extra £20 per game on ifollow passes you won't need.
  7. That was my initial reaction when hearing the news. Given a lack of wingers in the squad I think three central defenders and wingbacks gives us more license to play two strikers up top instead of shoving players out wide who are clearly more suited to playing centrally.
  8. It's a peculiarity that we have added very few defenders to our squad since Mowbray has been manager. In fact a quick look shows we have made a total of 31 permanent signings in that time and only 6 of them have been defenders. Of the six, three have been and gone since and the only one to make a significant number of appearances for the first team is Amari'i Bell. Barring Bell and converting Bennett to a right-back as it stands our main defensive options are exactly the same as they were three seasons ago when we started that ill-fated season under Coyle minus old hands Brown, Greer and Ward padding out the squad we now have more options from the youth team to call upon as back-up at the moment. Perhaps the reluctance to strengthen is due to an unwavering faith Tony has in the likes of Lenihan, Mulgrew, Williams and Nyambe (all four of whom are full internationals I might add). The common agenda on here is that there's doubts over the overall quality of these players and that we need to bring in better quality ones. In fact the signings we've made so far in defence suggests maybe he just doesn't see it that way. In the past the likes of Paul Downing, Caddis and Rodwell have all been brought in to booster the squad rather than to be first choice options, I could be wrong but it seems to me that any defensive signing we make this window would likely fall in this category as well.
  9. Is the saving grace that the kit looks very light so probably won't be able to wear it half the time against any team that wears white? yellows! yellows!
  10. I think people have generally slightly under estimated how good Gallagher was whilst he was on loan here, he got 12 goals (one behind Graham who was our top league goalscorer with 13 goals that season). I suspect again he will be used both upfront or as a wide forward depending on how Tony sees fit. I must admit I'm a lot more confident having him as back-up central striker than I was last season when it was Brereton or Nutall filling that role.
  11. Looks more likely to be a diamond midfield to me with Smallwood at the defensive point and Conway at the attacking point behind Brereton and Armstrong upfront. Either that or 4-5-1 with Brereton upfront on his own and Conway and Armstrong out wide.
  12. Also a reminder that there's fireworks after tomorrow's game, so no need for early leavers to miss the end of the game to "beat the traffic" as I imagine there'll be plenty of people staying behind to watch those. ?
  13. If I looked it up correctly, first time we've scored five goals in a competitive game for five years! (last time being a 5-2 at home to Barnsley in August 2013)
  14. Starting to get a little worried, only a week and half to go till the season kicks off and we look really weak attacking-wise, only Graham & Dack out of the squad would I say are good enough to make an impact at Championship level and score some goals. Here's hoping Tony's got a few strikers and wingers deals waiting to go through.
  15. Seen clubs produce a number of different designs and then have the fans vote on which ones they like best, seems a good way of doing things. Seems madness to produce a kit and not consult the fans in some way, maybe they have at some point I don't know. But the sponsor is a horrible looking thing, reminds me of that other betting company one we had on the black/red halved away shirt which spoiled what would have been an amazing shirt otherwise. The best feature of this new kit is the retro sleeve details they have on a lot of the umbro releases this year, unfortunately they've gone for a light colour instead of a navy or a red which would have looked a lot better in my opinion.
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