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  1. Yes i agree with Mum, Arteta should have had at least a yellow, if not a red, but i cant agree on McCarthy, you peeps who call AJ a diver ought to take a good luck at that one, that was laughable, and should have got a yellow plus an OSCAR. But all in all the officials had one hell of a bad Day, but if that is supposed to be punishment i cant see it, they got off with it again as all officials do. Not a 3 match ban and a hefty fine, just the weekend off. Great that makes me feel a lot better. and Hasta, yes we dont go along with the "Collina's the best" and that was his last game, he retired after he put us out, but i think he was also implicated in the match fixing that came to the fore in Italy, so that probably decided his future anyway.
  2. I can see you lads are still taking the character assasination of a few seasons ago as gospel, and you only see him probably 2 times a season at best, and thats the reason he's nowhere near the England team now, I wont go any further with it cos i've made my point and you've made yours, but i just hope it never happens to one of your players. Nice enjoyable discussion tho, Cheers lads.
  3. because they know that 9 times out of 10 the ref wont give it. That quote was referring to fouls in the box, he never gets them and defenders know this.
  4. Modes.. "He got plenty of free kicks so i don't think you can blame the refs for being that biased against him". But thats the problem, he never gets a free kick INSIDE the box. you can't imagine what this has done to him, he's only half the player that we bought. Theres a feeling at Goodison that he might chuck it all in and retire, when you see him coming off the pitch after being kicked all over the park and getting no justice, you might come to understand it. Defenders have that in mind and play on it, because they know that 9 times out of 10 the ref wont give it.
  5. I know Andy Johnson got a bit of a reputation last year because of Arsene Wenger and Neil Warnock coming on TV after the games and deliberatle slandering him, if they had said the same thing about the Referees they would have been hauled up in front of an FA enquiry. It got so bad last season that David Moyes with the agreement of the club, put together a video of eight penalties that had been refused against AJ and put it to the League Referees Commitee, they agreed that 6 of those penalties should have been awarded. But have things changed ? certainly not , in fact we at EFC are wondering if AJ will ever be given another penalty at all. He stands five foot eight inches and weighs about nine stone, moves pretty fast so if he gets hit by a 6ft 13 stone defender he's going to go down, he doesnt look for penalties every time he goes down, but we would just like to get the odd one now and again when he goes down after an obvious foul, but it seems that after the amount of mud thats been thrown at him, some of it is still sticking, give him a break he's an honest lad, and certainly not a cheat.
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