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Value: Bob Crompton Cap


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I'm not looking to sell this cap, but thought this would be the best place to try and gauge a valuation. Other than going to Sotherby's or something, so if you have any idea please let me know.

I've managed to get hold of what I believe to be Bob Crompton's International trial cap.

user posted image


Blackburn Rovers International Trial Cap 1901-1902 - This Football Association International Trial Cap, was issued to players on the verge of full international honours. This particular cap was issued to Robert Crompton of Blackburn Rovers F.C. who indeed won his first full cap in 1902, the same year as this trial cap. Crompton was a right-back who played for England on 41 occassions. (Crompton's name is hand written inside)

The condition of the cap is has a rip at the front. apart from that its in good condition considering its age. The cap was manufactured by Young and Co., (Athletic Outfitters) 36 King William St, London. E.C. The photo's make the cap look brighter than it is, but it is 103 years old.

I'm not sure if there was something in the Arsenal programme about the cap? But I am getting a copy of that sent to me so I'll soon find out.

user posted image

The greatest all time piece on Crompton is a nice complement to the item.

Anyway, give me an idea of value if you think you can, assuming the cap is genuine, which I haven't been able to verify yet.


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