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[Archived] A Bit Late But......

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Hello everyone.

I know many of you on here play Hatrick and I have been asked to have a look at a new (well its been around for a while but is now looking better) site and report back on it.

The site is Corefootball

What I need is for a few of you to have a quick look over it and tell me what you think. Does it work as well as Hattrick does. Pros and Cons that sort of thing.

Now the downside - I could do with some feedback before lunch time tomorrow - yeah I know.

Any help would be most appreciated :tu:


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Anyone had a chance to look yet?

You dont even need to register really.

Just tell me :-

What you think of the site?

Is it easy to use?

Does it explain everything ok?

Would you pay real money to play?

Any further comments?

Once again, if a couple of people could let me know I would be most greatful

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