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[Archived] Afc Cl : How's Your Home Town Club?

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In fairness to our country, please don't consider Sydney FC as the top club in Australia. Melbourne reigned supreme last season, winning both the premiership and the championship. (i won't get into the details of the screwed up rules in our league.)

Many say that the atmosphere being generated at Telstra Dome is now like something straight out of Europe. A great club with great supporters, and is in the ACL for 2008.

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I thought you'd like this and he does look like a certain Japanese cartoon character;


It looks like somwhere in South-Asian comic character... not Japanese.

I thought he looked more like Astro Boy, but you're right.

Astro Boy is GREAT comic, Story and design, I love it.

I dislike Draemon. I hard to understand why so many people love it. so dork...

Frontale face Iran in knockout stage. UNLUCY!

(there is highland-- over 1500m, faraway-- It taks about 20h by air and 5.5hr TD, no information about the team)

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Billy that is the most ridiculous looking thing ever, looks like something off Happy Tree Friends

What does Doraemon have to do with the Sydney FC mascot?

F_ck all, as i said I'd support any team which had Doraemon as their mascot. Admitedly, my liking for Doraemon stems from watching it in Cantonese, a language I cannot fathom, which meant you had to guess the plot from the pictures. And it just seems nice, happy and doesn't feature annoying precocious child actors. The other reason was a major highbrow magazine asked Asians for cultural icons, and lots of very worthy people who did charity work in India, or promoted human rights in Sri Lanka etc. All very serious people in this list. One of the Japanese nominations was Doraemon, a cartoon cat thing. Well it made me smile.

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Never mind the Asian CL - Yokohama F Marino's. Look at that burly duck and his fantastic respectful salute to the fans :) (couldn't find any live pics quickly).

Yokohama F Marinos's mascot...ah... It's not a duck, It's a gull, seagull.

Didn't know about Yokohama FC until today, but check out their history for a really bad story of how corporate sponsorship can go wrong - and feel the fan's pain.

Yokohama Flugels annihilation, It's top of sad story in J-League history.

their sponser's(owner's ) out of sheer egotism.

Yokohama Flugels's mascot "Tobi Maru" ,


now Yokohama F Marinos own copyright it.

Yokohama FC fans try to back Tobi Maru's copyright.

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