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[Archived] Mp3 Recommendations?

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You get phones with MP3 players now... Good quality sound and one less gadget to carry. I've actually got 4 gadgets in one now with my Nokia N95: 5 megapix cam, MP3, GPS and, er cellphone. Divide the price of the N95 by 4 and the MP3 player costs less than £150 :)

I've heard great things about the N95. It's a one man army so to speak. Gives you quite a lot of every function needed.

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Very much agree with that. When my wife announced she wanted one for her last birthday I shivered. This is a woman who can shut down the printer simply by walking into the house, entering the dining room, where we keep our PC, usually gives an instant blue screen of death, so an IPod............shudders. :unsure:

First one I bought was a nightmare to set up, and confirmed all the bad PR in the press at the time, surprisingly I didn't hit it with a hammer. Took it back and the replacement worked a dream. One of my lads bought one a few months back and that is just as good. IPods are quick, simple to use, reliable (for us) and do what it says on the box - play music. Don't know about all the other fancy gizmos or tricks on other players but all we want is to play music and download podcasts.

Only issue we get with the iPod is if the PC is shut down while the iPod is attached / charging the mouse won't react when the PC is rebooted. Took me a while to figure out what was causing this problem.

Ipods are wonderful machines...as long as they keep working. To me that simply isn't good enough for a product that is so widely used and expensive. I've yet to know someone who's Ipod hasn't simply stopped working or had the battery life reduced to nothing after a certain period. I've actually been told that apple have officially stated that they make sure the battery life isn't too long for enviromental reasons because of how harmful lithium batteries are to the enviroment (or some nonsense like that).

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