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  1. Re Game of Thrones Books, they're good, but I'm getting to the point where he really needs to START MAKING THINGS TIE UP. That's all I can say without major spoilers. At least with LOTR you know there's only 3 books & there will be an ending. Im not sure Martin knows how it's going to finish. And he's five books in Although Blackwater was very good "There's some very brave men knocking at our door, let's go and kill them"
  2. Iron Sky, although in no way perfect, is rather good fun
  3. PUNY GOD!! I really loved Minority Report and Tinker Tailor. Avengers is the best film I've seen for a long time
  4. New viral video for Promethius has been released http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=33681
  5. The Guard is very very very very very funny
  6. after getting more excited about the Avenger's movie from the 2nd trailer than a 33 year old really should. I watched Captain America and Thor this week. Wow, I was surprised (i wasnt, i thought id like them) about how much fun they were, even if Hugo Weaving just looked like Jim Carey in the Mask, but with sunburn.
  7. That outfit for the Bishop excuses all accents
  8. Jonathan Wilson (of Inverting the Pyramid fame) has written a biography of Ol' Big 'Ead http://www.amazon.co.uk/Brian-Clough-Nobody-Thank-Biography/dp/1409123170/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1321457960&sr=8-3 supposed to be very very good
  9. I very much enjoyed Marcus Brigstock's Godcollar, Id really recommend the audiobook version. As an aside, I joined audible and for about £8 a month I get any audiobook and big discounts off others. I really cant recommend it highly enough, especially as you can get most of the books unabridged.
  10. Ive finished book 5 and I loved it, but you know what? FINISH THE BLOODY STORY IN BOOK 6 MARTIN, STOP KILLING OFF MY FAVOURITE CHARACTERS AND GIVE ME CLOSURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Matterhorn is pretty damn good if I hadnt mentioned it before I spent books 4 and 5 going, "oh no, not them, I like them, oh and not them either, oh, please kill him, but you havent *grumble*"
  11. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is supposed to be excellent. I don't mind 3D, but prefer the 2D
  12. Lie to Me's pretty good. Tim Roth's utterly bonkers in it
  13. Out of the Ashes, on Storyville (BBC4) Fantastic film, should now be on iPlayer
  14. Its Bollywood, so they dont take it seriously. I expect there to be a number of dance numbers in there at random intervals
  15. Sorry, might rant a bit. THE ROAD CHAIS IS NOT THE FAULT OF CENTRAL GOVERNMENT, IT'S THE FAULT OF MORONIC DRIVERS WHO OBVIOUSLY HAVE NO FREAKING CLUE ON HOW TO DRIVE IN EVEN THE LIGHTEST SNOW!! Drive sensibly, leave space between you & the next car, conserve momentum so you can get up hills BY NOT DRIVING AT 5MPH DOWN A STRAIGHT CLEAR ROAD. Start in 2nd & use your clutch, not start in 1st & rev the crap out of it, if you see vehicles stuck in front of you blocking the road, get out of your car & give em a fecking push, they don't usually need much to get going. Also grit works by traffic mixing it up into the snow, it won't work if you've blocked traffic because you're a moron. Stop trying to blame others for your inadequate driving skills. And yes I was stuck without moving for 3 hours on Saturday because of the above issues
  16. The Tron Sound track by Daft Punk is Ace! Going to see it at the IMAX next week
  17. 1 great set piece scene (2 if you like the start) the rest of the film is an utter mess
  18. I loved independence day sillyness and all Skyline looks ace btw
  19. I was the one who got the pint served by gatting. The one day of the ashes that I could make it to, was the one that was washed out. Fantastically good day though
  20. I like turtledove, but he doesn't half repeat stuff and has an irritating turn of phrase, and the pace can be plodding. But despite that, the books are really good.
  21. You are of course entitled to your opinion, but you're so wrongy wrong wrong.
  22. best film since Serenity, probably of the 00's although if you dont like Star Trek, probably not as good as that. Zombieland utterly Rocks if you're looking for something else to watch when you finish Star Trek
  23. I enjoyed it, couldn't quite see why people think it's the greatest movie ever. But I laughed like a drain during the fight scene between all the news crews The bit with the Sex Panther did have me in tears as well. Thought Ferrel was excellent when he wasn't hamming it up, such as the phone call about the dog which was just rubbish
  24. Have anchor man to watch tonight I hear it's great 60% of the time, all the time
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