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Hi all

Well my boyfriend is a massive rovers fan I hope he doesnt find me on here :unsure: (one big problem he now lives in Australia) and for his 21st birthday in Jan I am trying to get all the home shirts since the 87-88 season :D

Ive been working on it ALL year so far and have got all 8/14 so far and am yet to buy this years so i can say im only missing 5 :tu:

Ive got a few bargins along the way i got the 05/06 :brfc: for £2.99 in sports world altrincham when it was closing down (we came home last christmas) and on tuesday 06/07 for £5.80 from sportsdirect.co.uk he already has that one but its on constant rotation and it would be noticed if it went missing from the wardrobe :huh:

So im missing 87-88 88-90 - to me the shirts look the same just shorts and socks different (picture i have from kitclassics.co.uk) can someone confirm this?

90-91 92-94 and Time 00-02(im thinking this one shouldnt be too hard to find)

Just wondering if anyone here cant point me in some other directions apart from ebay to find the ones i dont have?

Would anyone here part with theirs for a fair price ?

Thanks Belle

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What a great idea as a present... I'd be well chuffed.

As for finding these shirts the obvious suggestion would be e-bay but I get you've already gone down that route, apart from that i'm not too sure...it may be worth giving the club it'self a call to see if they have any old stock. No harm in trying.

Sorry i'm not of much use but i'm sure if anyone else has any ideas then they will post to try and help you out!

Good Luck,


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