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  1. There are a few DVDs (title winning season, Worthy Cup, others) available in the club shop with the added bonus that the club gets some money.
  2. There's a reason it's the only shirt of its kind...
  3. And I'll never forget his hat-trick against Villa in '97.
  4. Fair enough - looks like I got the wrong end of the stick. Both on and off the field
  5. Neil announced he was going to leave then worked his jacksy off til he did. Yes it was about cash but don't accuse him of not putting a shift in.
  6. Park's making some vital tackles. Delighted with the score. Come on Barca!
  7. Yup, according to Soccerbase Matt got 44 league goals, 57 total.
  8. We don't know exactly what went on between the 2. Barton's got form for changing room indiscipline but it's entirely possible that Shearer overreacted or decided to make an example of an unpopular player.
  9. It represents the sort of adequate season Arsenal can get away with, as well as the sort of season Liverpool kept putting in pre-Torres. It shows how bent this whole Champions League setup is. The fact is Arsenal (and previously Liverpool) can qualify comfortably without ever challenging for the title. Champions League my arse!
  10. Overrated as a player. Complete failure as a human being. We're not that fncking desperate.
  11. b12_simon

    Rovers Songs

    Santa Cruz is coming to town was pretty regular away from home. Maybe there's more chance at home this season now the drummer's hung up his sticks.
  12. b12_simon

    Rovers Songs

    It may have bad associations but we should be singing "he's got a pineapple on his head" to Carlos Villanueva.
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