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[Archived] Advice Required

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Micro Bill System has appeared on my Laptop tellin me I owe them £39.99 for a subscription to some inappropriate website.

Every time I log on and conect to the internet it appears and creates a shortcut on my desktop, which I keep deleting and it keeps returning.

Having read the details on this pop up it tells me I have agreed to a subscription with some website that I have never seen before and claims maybe I accepted a trial period whcih then charges you if you do not cancel.

Now I have started to look at downloading films and music from teh internet and have been looking around at Torrent websites and they seem to have a lot of half naked women as advertisements and I may have tried downloading a film such as the Simpsons or 300, but I have not tried to download any porn.

This pop up also tells me that it will not go away until I pay the bill!

I really would like to know how they are linking in to my laptop everytime I connect to the internet and how I can get rid of it.

Any ideas?

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