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  1. Just saw this. What's up?

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V_sign#V_sign_as_an_insult
  3. I played COD4 multiplayer right up to the gold cross and then some. Awesome game and COD:W@W should consume just as many hours. I don't see any more camping than there was in COD4 and good aggressive players will always win out in the end, but I agree the spawning is absolutely horrible, especially in headquarters. Up until recently I was also enjoying the fact I was only getting onto Australia- and New Zealand-based games. They are lag free and were not easy to find on COD4, so there was a lot of going in and out of games, killing off my win-loss ratio (not that it mattered... it was the time wasted which I hated). With the recent update to the game, multiplayer access has expanded to the rest of the world like in COD4. Yesterday it took a good hour before I finally found an Australia-based game. Awful, just awful.
  4. I could be wrong, but it probably thinks your IP is from Poland. I used to get http://uk.youtube.com, and from what I was reading, that happened because my ISP recently acquired some new IP addresses (or range) to use and YouTube thought that range was from the UK. 19.
  5. It seems whenever a player goes to a club perceived to be "lower" than the alternative club, people get on the player's back. Bellamy got a lot of flack from supporters of other clubs for picking Rovers over Everton. The thing is though, in this case Liverpool was supposed to be his boyhood club. That is why he wanted to move originally, as I understood it. Thus his going to West Ham, coupled with what I thought were "smalling the club down" (as opposed to "bigging the club up" ) in the couple of years leading up to the move (especially in the Australian media), annoyed me at the time. However, the whole deal was done and dusted long ago and it won't change, so it is no use getting riled up about it any longer.
  6. The Early 90s: A Restrospective - It's 2.88MB in size, but definitely worth a look. It's more of a geeky look at the early 90s: television, games, consumer products, etc.
  7. Surely it's the case that we don't know the full details. I trust Sparky to handle the situation, whatever it is, in whatever way he sees fit. He's no sucker.
  8. -- Emphasis added. From the article Emerton goes Dutch. I assumed he was being rested in those first two games, rather than being host to an injury.
  9. I attended a birthday two or three weeks ago and played the Wii for a good portion of the night. It is fairly entertaining and very open to the casual gamer. I still don't know whether it is more of a casual console than a console you buy and then commit a large amount of time to get your money's worth, but it has gone up tremendously in my estimation.
  10. Bentley is being eaten alive across the internet at the moment. It's an absolutely disgraceful treatment of a player who has done nothing wrong by acknowledging his human limitations and letting Stuart Pearce (who is a joke of a manager anyway) know of his decision not to play ahead of time. Most people are not acknowledging that Bentley did not leave the squad in the lurch at the moment and/or are blasting him for having the audacity to be honest. The blue and white halves must warp a lot of minds.
  11. My thoughts exactly. Actually, I thought both the second and third were fairly rushed. The first was definitely the best one. Saying that, it is a brilliant trilogy and I recommend it to any bookworm. I read the trilogy years ago (about six years ago in my estimation) and I no doubt will probably read it once again in years to come.
  12. If he's not good enough for us, then we need to get rid of our whole strikeforce. Then you have to wonder who, out of the players we can actually attract, would even be good enough according to this standard.
  13. EDIT: Decided a PM would be more appropriate.
  14. Can anyone verfiy this stat? If it is true, then it is a shocking statistic indeed. Source: http://www.football365.com/mailbox/story/0...2005122,00.html
  15. I can't figure out question 66, which is the "end of the world" one.
  16. Rubbish. He was working hard and was even covering for the defenders well into defence. There were also a couple of occasions when he would have scored if those two players had bothered picking him out. Also: 18 goals. Enough said.
  17. If the referee is the "son of a whore", then who's his father? I'll get my coat...
  18. When I was a child I used to get chased by an evil Agent Maxwell Smart, presumably to kill me or something. Mostly around school, and strangely enough the dentist van that came once a year was included. Don't think he ever caught me. It's strange too because I like Get Smart and I am not afraid of dentists. I once died in a dream. This was not too long ago; last year some time. I went into an underwater building, a university-/TAFE-/high school-/hospital-type institution, and tried to slowly make my way through corridors, to get out at the other side of the building to be able to breathe again. I didn't make it in this dream as I couldn't find my way through the corridors. I eventually had to relieve my lack of oxygen and I drowned, which woke me up in a start (in real life I stumbled on my breath for a second). I do have a fear of not getting as far into unversity as I want to, or rather I am very anxious about it, but I think it might have meant something more. All I get about that as analysis is that it is a common dream, which is none too helpful.
  19. What is your analysis of Mokoena's recent performances (since January 28 until Manchester City)? How many points and cup matches has he cost us in that same time?
  20. I liked the Sonic and MGS3 questions. A lot of the questions are reference questions or puzzles to solve. For example, some of the older generation would understand that question and answer to number two was an old joke. Not in a million years would I know that if I wasn't told. Similarly, non-gamers, and probably even most gamers, would not get the Snake question.
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